Example sentences of "[verb] to [be] [adj] to " in BNC.

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1 They have been designed to be relevant to both small and large organisations in the public and private sectors , and take into account the variations that there will inevitably be in organisations ' approaches to developing their people .
2 The B-2 " Stealth " bomber , which was designed to be invisible to enemy radar , and which had made its maiden flight on July 17 , 1989 [ see p. 36808 ] , continued to arouse controversy during this period , due to its increasing cost ( estimated in February 1990 at $530,000,000 per aircraft ) , and to technical problems .
3 General SVQs are designed to be open to those who are not in work .
4 The elegant slimline desktop case has been designed to be pleasing to the eye , and overall the machine seems to be well finished off .
5 I want to try to be kind to the hon. Member for Gordon because he is out of his depth .
6 When the Bingham Report recommended a statutory duty for auditors ‘ to report to the Bank any information or opinion which the auditor knows or should reasonably know to be relevant to a bank 's fulfilment of the criteria in Sch 3 of the 1987 [ Banking ] Act ’ ( ie the criteria for being licensed as a bank ) , auditors ' reactions varied from the totally relaxed to the slightly concerned , but no one positively opposed the change .
7 A patio does n't need to be grand to be attractive
8 This search for increased value would probably need to be subject to constraints reflecting ‘ soft rationing ’ and the need for balanced growth , which are already implicit within strategic portfolio analysis .
9 The practice would need to be able to accurately check the blood glucose , weigh the patient , examine the eyes and record the results .
10 This too would necessitate a new political system where traditional party politics would need to be subordinate to a national will for reform and the consequent reduction of democratic rights .
11 Do you need to be near to something e.g. schools , college , work , family , medical services ?
12 Overall , the image gives a feel of the nature of diversification during development , since as a cell proceeds down a pathway and takes one of the branches , other pathways cease to be open to it .
13 Sometimes one , possibly two patients , appear to be central to the outbreak and should , if possible , be moved to another setting .
14 In the second ( more profound and unconscious ) , the reader engages with certain associations that appear to be personal to the reader and that come together as one , central fantasy .
15 Interestingly , German managers whilst not showing any difference in their feelings of physical health , did show superior psychological health compared to their British counterparts , and these appear to be due to their more frequently and effectively using stress-coping techniques such as ‘ social support ’ , ‘ task strategies ’ , ‘ time ’ and ‘ involvement ’ .
16 Fine songs such as ‘ Mean To Me ’ or ‘ I Ca n't Get Started ’ appear to be close to perfect here but such trifles as ‘ With Thee I Swing ’ and ‘ You 're Too Lovely To Last ’ are just as charming because the singer gives them the same sensitive treatment .
17 Again , in some areas where conditions throughout appear to be favourable to corals , coral reefs and banks will be found on some submerged banks and not on others , for example in the Laccadive Islands in the Indian Ocean .
18 For instance , if a country concerned still employs traditional systems which , in the light of more modern techniques , appear to be detrimental to public health , it may be desirable to change patterns of behaviour in , say , nutrition or hygiene .
19 In fact , our ‘ middle-class ’ witches appear to be similar to the Canaanites ( see p. 56 ) , whom God roundly condemned .
20 I would therefore think it 's appropriate to be in this sort of format er so that if any other issues other than questions of in migration appear to be relevant to this situation , then it can be taken on the move .
21 On the contrary , the maintenance of meaningful links with the birth family appear to be beneficial to children , to their sense of identity and self esteem and for gaining a better understanding of their genealogical background and adoption circumstances .
22 Other releases through the Sub Pop empire ( all of which now appear to be subject to the same scheduling difficulties ) include THEE HEADCOATS ' LP , ‘ Heavens To Murgatroid Even !
23 Other releases through the Sub Pop empire ( all of which now appear to be subject to the same scheduling difficulties ) include THEE HEADCOATS ' LP , ‘ Heavens To Murgatroid Even !
24 It is well known that teachers undertake a number of tasks which appear to be additional to their contractual duties and so voluntary .
25 The latest report on the employment of black graduates also concludes that they experience greater difficulties than white graduates in obtaining employment ; in addition , the jobs obtained appear to be inferior to those gained by white graduates ( CRE , 1987 ) .
26 They appear to be insensitive to semantic and iconic similarity but differ on decrement in performance with signs which are similar in their physical components ( i.e. handshape , movement etc . ) .
27 The Index Kewensis lists more than 250 species of dodder and while some of these are possibly synonyms of the same species collected from different localities , the dodder appear to be native to all the large temperate and tropical land masses of the world .
28 Some appear to be stuck to the branches and one or two are distinctly fluttering their wings , as if in some kind of trouble .
29 Emphasis must be placed on certain steps and their qualities which appear to be particular to one country and dances should be limited to those which can be recognised .
30 The work is expected to be applicable to the mainstream Unix market as well as real-time embedded systems and high performance parallel processing systems .
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