Example sentences of "[verb] she at the [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 The Doc 's patented micro-organisms were beavering away inside , keeping her at the peak of perfection .
2 St Agnes FCJ was in Sierra Leone , before she was forced to flee and it was Joseph and his friend who helped her at the time .
3 Anne caught her at the door to the bedroom .
4 A kindly lorry driver on his way to North Wales , chatting of his own daughter and his home , had dropped her at the roundabout at the top of the Banbury Road at about lunch-time .
5 ‘ And , lady — ’ His voice stopped her at the door .
6 I have to meet her at the airport . ’
7 On the morning of the day when Therese Aschmann was due to arrive in Hochhauser , Willi spent a long time getting ready before he went to meet her at the station .
8 His partner had suddenly remembered her brothers were to meet her at the door and take her home ( an old trick , this ) .
9 He might even have been planning to meet her at the restaurant direct …
10 She 's a friend of Bertice Reading , who is working at the Prince of Wales Theatre , so I arranged to meet her at the stage door at 2 o'clock .
11 My sister 's job was to meet her at the bus stop with the wheel basket so she did n't have to carry it up the road .
12 We fall asleep instantly and do not wake until five-thirty when Crilly 's sister Megan phones , instructing us to meet her at the hospital .
13 It never was when she invited him to meet her at the flat ; she was keeping him and Stock out of each other 's way .
14 As she went she remembered that Angela had promised to meet her at the bus-stop .
15 Athelstan rubbed his chin with the palm of his hand and remembered he 'd promised Benedicta to meet her at the Fleet prison where Simon the carpenter would spend his last evening on earth .
16 She ignores me , whining about how he was supposed to meet her at the Bullet 's Head .
17 Thick , dark and naturally wavy as it was , all she had to do was twist it through an elasticated hairband and pin the resulting pony-tail into whatever shape pleased her at the moment .
18 She plans to launch her own designer clothes label but that is one area where her younger sister has pipped her at the post .
19 She opened her eyes , a gasp of alarm escaping her at the sight of Roman , dressed in black trousers and a black cotton shirt , standing by her bed .
20 She had accepted that he had had grounds for dismissing her at the time , considering the state of that little radio station 's finances .
21 I identified her at the mortuary not an hour since . ’
22 He preferred the sort of woman who put her foot in it with grammar and things ; that way he could feel superior by correcting her at the time and having a laugh at her expense later with his male colleagues .
23 It had soon passed , but it had alarmed her at the time .
24 Because she knew he would be meeting her at the road alone , she had risen very early and bathed and scented herself with special care in her suite at the Continental Palace that morning .
25 Luke had n't visited her at the flat again , nor invited her back to his house .
26 As I told her at the time there were several possibilities . ’
27 We 'd have seen her at the window long ago , and got her down . ’
28 ‘ When we had n't seen her at the grave for a while we thought she must have gone away and so when we had any flowers left over we put them on Brian 's grave , ’ said Mary .
29 ‘ I have only seen her at the funeral .
30 She knew Gwen Evans only slightly ; she had seen her at the funeral , and previous to that a couple of times , but the memory stuck .
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