Example sentences of "[verb] she at the time " in BNC.

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1 St Agnes FCJ was in Sierra Leone , before she was forced to flee and it was Joseph and his friend who helped her at the time .
2 She had accepted that he had had grounds for dismissing her at the time , considering the state of that little radio station 's finances .
3 He preferred the sort of woman who put her foot in it with grammar and things ; that way he could feel superior by correcting her at the time and having a laugh at her expense later with his male colleagues .
4 It had soon passed , but it had alarmed her at the time .
5 As I told her at the time there were several possibilities . ’
6 Indeed , I probably did n't understand her at the time .
7 That suited her at the time , it suited the law courts at the time who were the the adjudicators in the case .
8 This was pronounced with a kind of funereal satisfaction , and for a moment Jackson could imagine the remorseless gossip that someone else 's tragedy had afforded her at the time .
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