Example sentences of "[verb] that i think [pron] " in BNC.

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1 Q : When you say that I think you 're laughing at me .
2 Now do n't take that too literally , certainly in sub zero temperatures and I think the first of December and to do so would I think er have er maybe with some risk of being in 's phrase stark raving bonkers but by that you may think I mean that I think we made a fair attempt to deal with the three principle issues which have caused so much annoyance to user groups , there 's a backlog in modification orders .
3 For my part , I have said that I think it is possible to justify gradualist , incremental tactics as a means of bringing about lasting change .
4 Now if I was a cadre and I received that I think I would be thinking right erm if I really want to be at the forefront of this that 's the policy that I want to promote erm and if the peasants in my area are not demanding this and not achieving this well we , I , I ca n't be seen not to be going it , I 've got ta go with this .
5 But er given the er the position in terms of there is a policy statement in the structure plan which refers to the A sixty one and A fifty nine relief roads , er if it 's going to be helpful then e as well as the er A fifty nine , then it would be appropriate to show the western relief road rather than a series of er of arrows , to similarly show that I think we 'd have to show that as two st two er stars or arrows rather than one because we would need to er indicate both to the north and south of the A fifty nine .
6 Like if your family makes you like that I think it 's time not to bother .
7 I do n't suggest that I think I should keep going on a year by year basis .
8 Did you hear the remark about the swimsuit , I showed him Rebecca 's swimsuit , he said cor if you 're wearing that I think I 'll go swimming as well .
9 erm , so that if , if they then go to an appeal er , I was talking to this planning officer and I was saying that I think I 'll consult them , he said I do n't think you 'll need to he said , and of what you 've done so far is pretty good and I can get access to all the letters that have been written in , in objecting into the into the homes
10 ‘ I 'm saying that I think you do n't care about the stupidities of convention .
11 ‘ I 'm saying that I think he could have done . ’
12 Oh I know but saying that I think my kiddies ' school 's all right so I 've got
13 Er well er the reason is I believe that I think you mentioned earlier that Chris is er in the same line of trade as you
14 Here I will just assert that I think my comparisons are part of a ‘ historical materialist method ’ .
15 … and it does mean that I think there is a pressure perhaps grows out of that to make you articulate clearly why you are putting the course together in the way you are … which previously you could have got away with .
16 I recall reading that I think it possibly was Skerrymor or Cape Wrath but it was stated that the pendulum clock actually stopped .
17 Well I must admit that I think I 'd find it a real struggle to cut wheat out of my diet .
18 I do n't think I need to repeat that I think everyone can hear the questions er
19 I think that I think we 've agreed that that is to be taken on board by the
20 . I think that I think it 's a a good first step .
21 I said that I think you 'll find , Ron that Trudy if she married would have to give up her late husband 's occupational widow 's pension so that the way you 're going on now , where you go and stay with her for two or three days at a time is far better oh no , no , no , she 'll be able to keep her pension I said I very much doubt it then I said people are so jealous that if she does marry you and he does n't tell the firm I bet that one of her dear neighbours will oh no they 're all very nice people round where she lives , I thought there 's no good arguing with Ron !
22 I recall someone complaining about those little cartoon drawings of you lot , I would just like to say that I think they are very comical and nowadays virtually every computer magazine has them ( except for crappy ones like Amstrad Action ! ) .
23 That 's not to say that I think we made a mistake .
24 And it 's this journey from external reality to the profound truths of art , a journey which takes Proust through a series of investigations of the nature of time , the nature of the intellect , the nature of memory , it 's this journey which I must now attempt to trace , and I perhaps just ought to say that I think I get abstract once or twice from this point onwards .
25 ‘ I will not say that they are wrong but I will say that I think they are definitely unwise in the present climate of opinion … .
26 But I would say that I think it is only a matter of time before we , as a nation , produce a very good black golfer . "
27 I I would simply say that I think it does deserve maximum weight because I you will not be surprised to hear , er take the same view as Mr from Leeds City Council , that under no circumstances should the the settlement be located anywhere other than in a location which will serve York and not Leeds .
28 Well I think , I 've got ta say that I think it might be ha it might be working better now with there but when not there and we go to and say can you tell me where X Y Z is , the response you 're gon na get is I 'm sorry I do n't know and the reason she wo n't know is that she 's never bothered to ask because she 's not talking so it 's okay while there but it wo n't be when she 's not because I 've had that , sorry I do n't know .
29 Can can I just say that I think it 's interesting that Mao 's sort of targeting the local tyrants and the erm the evil gentry I mean because you could , you could ar argue that basically the landlords are only trying to get a return erm which is , which is equal to what they can get if they invest all their money in or you know erm or whatever or big cities
30 But let me say that I think it 's not in principle difficult .
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