Example sentences of "[verb] that i [verb] give " in BNC.

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1 He could take her away , I thought , he could just do that , he has such power to hurt me , this little furry creature who has n't even noticed that I 've given up the weed .
2 ‘ Only the day before , you came barging into the flat , insinuating that I 'd given information to Richard Blake .
3 Well I hope that I 've given you enough to get you started on the right tracks .
4 But I do now sometimes wish that I had given them more time when I did have them . ’
5 And then I feel that I 've given myself to somebody who thinks my heart is a pretty flower .
6 He adds : ‘ I also felt that I wanted to give the love that I felt for her in the way she needs love to be given . ’
7 Now you think that because I am I am forgiven and I preach forgiveness that I would be pretty good as up people , but that 's part of my human failure and I must admit that I 've given plenty of opportunity to practice at home and at work er the opportunity to forgive , but it does n't come easily and certainly it is n't a strong feature of the non-Christian world in which I work and which you will be working soon .
8 Who said that I had given thee up .
9 ‘ I said that I liked to give the islanders the impression that I lived alone . ’
10 I regret to say that I forgot to give the Vice Chairman 's apologies for non-attendance .
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