Example sentences of "[verb] that i [verb] he " in BNC.

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1 You must have realised that I resented him . ’
2 I was half asleep against his shoulder and then … suddenly I realized that I wanted him to kiss me .
3 So , when I tell you that Paul was a contented Christian , I hope that you do n't think that I mean he was sitting quietly , comfortably , happy with the world and his life .
4 Does Mike have some er Georgian Hotel , look at that Christmas jokes , Daddy , Eddie 's broken my new dog how did he do that I hit him on the head with it Why is Father Christmas unemployed ?
5 ‘ I would have thought that I knew him fairly well , but in writing the lyrics I found depths I had never contemplated . ’
6 But he complains that I give him the impression that I am holding back and am not fully committed .
7 I know that I mean he 's actually thick enough to go up there and sign on in his overalls .
8 They know that I killed him on purpose because he took my best animal . ’
9 Blair worked on the islands for a number of years and I confess that I envied him .
10 I delivered what was to be my longest speech of the evening , saying that I gathered he was keen to talk about his role , to talk about Gary .
11 ‘ I 'm saying that I think he could have done . ’
12 Well , it seems that I resemble him — physically , anyway .
13 He requests that I accompany him and pipe him into the restaurant .
14 The old Frenchman was delighted with the tobacco and soap and he insisted that I join him in a drink .
15 I recall vividly one member of the aristocracy who was in such a state about being interviewed on TV that he insisted that I help him go through a half bottle of whisky first .
16 But Jim insisted , insisted that I bought him a pint and asked me to caddie for him the following week at St Anne 's .
17 Oh right , I see when you said that I thought he was going to an army regiment that they put up in Gloucester
18 It was not so much by what Basil said that I remember him but by what he did .
19 Even so … there is reason to say that I saw him , even though I then neither made , nor could have made any judgement at all , either right or wrong , about who or what it was that I saw .
20 I still ca n't say that I love him .
21 ‘ Look , I am Simpkin 's right hand man and he believes that I tell him .
22 ‘ He claims that I employed him as an assistant in order to find him a real job . ’
23 We began to prepare a show which became Pierrot In Turquoise — turquoise because it 's the British symbol of everlastingness and David claims that I saved him — not from Buddhism , not from everlastingness , but from becoming a Tibetan monk .
24 I do not now deny that I hoped he would lead us to him .
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