Example sentences of "[verb] that i [verb] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ I would not for a moment have it supposed that I mean anything derogatory to Dr. Yeats … but human nature is fallible .
2 ‘ I do n't know that I like it exactly .
3 I do n't know that I like it all that much .
4 I do n't know that I meant you to guess anything , ’ he said grudgingly .
5 ‘ The TV crew on The Darling Buds Of May know that I hate my backside , so they 're always making little comments , ’ she revealed in an exclusive interview .
6 No I , the other thing is if we 're out here , I do n't know what to do about this lamp for the bedside , I mean I do n't know that I need it and it 's another ten pounds is n't it ?
7 D' you know that I cry myself to sleep every night ?
8 " And you wo n't let him know that I phoned you ? "
9 ‘ I do n't know that I want it anywhere . ’
10 That 's , that 's Now when you 've got an A squared minus B squared , you can factorize that I mean you could just do that on your calculator , and do it in one go , but it 's quite easy to do it as three point O one .
11 ‘ Do n't ever doubt that I want you , Isabel , ’ he said , his voice so hoarse that the words sounded as if they were torn from deep inside him .
12 You refuse to accept that I knew nothing about the drugs .
13 Darling darling , I feel that I am the luckiest man on earth and I want you to know that I know I am .
14 And I think you know me well enough by now , Bella , to know that I get what I want . ’
15 ‘ Have you forgotten that I know you were involved with him six years ago ?
16 I 'd forgotten that I pay you a salary !
17 Later , when I was more familiar with the beliefs and practices of the movement and had ‘ learned the language ’ , I would interact with the Moonies as though I were one of them , and , although I never pretended that I accepted their beliefs or that I was anything other than a sociologist studying the movement , members who did not know me would mistake me for a member — the Moonies themselves were no longer ‘ translating ’ for me when we were interacting .
18 When I say that I mean I 'm operating without back-up .
19 I say that I thought we had already been through all this .
20 Just believe me when I say that I had nothing whatsoever to do with any of this .
21 But as I say that I recommend them because they were er excellent .
22 Please let solicitors deal with everything , and also , please believe me when I say that I want nothing but a few mementos of my father .
23 Q : When you say that I think you 're laughing at me .
24 Erm , I certainly do n't do it , the way that I say that I do it .
25 And one day I will say that I saw Erika Nordern , say that I coached her .
26 I mean no disrespect to the geriatric branch of the hospital service nor to the domiciliary services or the rapidly increasing old people 's houses and homes provided by local housing , health and welfare authorities when I say that I believe we are still groping and fumbling with this problem — all of us , social scientists and politicians alike .
27 Here we might admit that my belief is true and justified but refuse to grant that I know there to be a sheep in the field .
28 I mentioned that I missed my son and how I could n't see him .
29 I found that I put them back into their correct order with ease and , for the first and last time , achieved some distinction in the marking .
30 Then I had no excuse not to audition for plays , and when I did I found that I enjoyed it .
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