Example sentences of "[verb] be on [adj] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 The city this morning is relatively calm , far quieter than it has been on many days in recent months .
2 However , against the background of government concern over inner-city disturbances , picket line violence , the Greenham Common demonstrations and other large scale protests , the emphasis has been on preserving order and minimising public inconvenience rather than facilitating effective protest .
3 The Congress 's disarray — radical democrats argue that it should be disbanded — has been on embarrassing display this week as deputies argued over what to call their state .
4 One of the Moths now at Mandevelle has been on static display in a motor museum for years , and is now almost ready to leap into the air again ; an excellent idea .
5 Most of the research on this has been on conversational interaction of a rather restricted kind , such as between doctor and patient , teacher and pupil or between the various speakers in court cases .
6 The emphasis in econometric research until recently has been on developing estimators with desirable large sample properties for correctly specified models .
7 There are those who would tell you that BMW 's reputation for first-class finish has been on thin ice for some time but , until now , we 've seen little evidence to substantiate the claim .
8 At every C&P plant there is concern about energy conservation but emphasis in recent years has been on improving product quality — something which often uses more energy without increasing output .
9 ( Everyone is someone 's cousin in Bala , and a great help it has been on several occasions . )
10 Will discussion of reform then be remitted , as it has been on several occasions from 1916 onwards , to a Speaker 's Conference ?
11 Indeed , in most examples , the emphasis has been on social systems in which males sporting the elaborate character are polygamous and have little to do with other aspects of reproduction .
12 The problem we in Europe face is that Japanese companies have been active in scaling up production for some years , whereas in Europe the emphasis has been on high-quality research , which has only been significantly exploited in the area of basic liquid crystal materials .
13 The main emphasis of the HIDB has been on halting depopulation by the saving and creation of employment .
14 The midwife said to me , ‘ This child has been on this earth before ’ and I thought that was rather an odd thing to say , but the midwife seemed quite adamant .
15 A bridge has been on this site from the 14th century .
16 The Midland Fishery trout farm has been on this site at Horsley near Nailsworth since 1883 ; now its present owners have decided to sell .
17 ‘ No-one has been on this path for two days . ’
18 Since the Federal Court in the Eastern District of Texas , and subsequently the Fifth Circuit Federal Appellate Court seated in New Orleans intervened , the pendulum has swung and the emphasis has been on detailed rules to cover all contingencies , the implementation of which is far less dependent on the quality of individual personnel .
19 The British Library Research and Development Department , which , along with the National Foundation for Educational Research in England and Wales and the Schools Council , has funded most of this research , is aware of that problem , and using a standing committee called the Discussion Group on User Education in Schools , it is endeavouring to bring the research into general practice , and even to extend the influence of the work into other levels of education , eg primary schools ( the concentration has been on secondary education so far ) .
20 He has been on sick leave for more than three months during which Avon County Council has been inquiring into phone calls said to have been made from his Bristol office to soft-porn ‘ adult ’ 0898 numbers .
21 Miss Scanlon , who is in her 20s , has been on sick leave for four months .
22 Since September ‘ 92 , one of the Enterprise Development Officers , Allison Hughes , has been on sick leave .
23 Dr Carol Starkie has been on sick leave from Selly Oak hospital since May 25 , South Birmingham Health Authority said .
24 But the SA Rugby Board has traditionally had the major slice of South Africa 's rugby cake , built as this has been on white wealth , sponsorship , patronage , assets , expertise , media coverage and the rest .
25 He 'd have enjoyed being on this trip with us today , you know . ’
26 Yes that 's how that 's how it was , yes all I was on that gate , I 'd been on that gate myself dozens of times .
27 V.W. I tried to get something going last year after we 'd been on this girls in secondary schools course .
28 Well none of the lads were prepared to take that on , cos we 'd been on this contract with for the last eleven years .
29 Loco workings have now slumped to nearly zero and the only locos seen are on civil engineers ' trains .
30 This time he did n't miss , he shot past Stowell and United were on level terms , amazingly , they almost snatched the lead a minute later when a brilliant save by Stowell denied Simpson once again .
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