Example sentences of "[verb] be [prep] this [noun] " in BNC.

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1 As a result , an Inservice Panel was established in June 1983 , and it has been through this body that project-related INSET development can be traced .
2 Gloucestershire County Council has been down this road before .
3 The midwife said to me , ‘ This child has been on this earth before ’ and I thought that was rather an odd thing to say , but the midwife seemed quite adamant .
4 A bridge has been on this site from the 14th century .
5 The Midland Fishery trout farm has been on this site at Horsley near Nailsworth since 1883 ; now its present owners have decided to sell .
6 ‘ No-one has been on this path for two days . ’
7 Joanne works at a grammar school and almost all her teaching experience has been at this school .
8 But the broad trend has been for this gap between the experience of rich and poor worlds to narrow ( see the graph on Page 16 ) .
9 This motion has been before this congress before and I am still pleased to be here to second this motion .
10 No it 's down there , and in it er I wrote it last night actually when I was feeling pretty fucked off so it 's probably a bit out of order but I wrote to him and said erm tt Josh has been round this evening asking questions about what 's happened with his money erm and I think you 're really out of order .
11 The family has been in this part of Scotland for about two hundred years or more , from what I can gather , and we used to own a lot of the land around here .
12 In a study of miraculous images of Mary which weep , the author , Father Hebert SM , after saying there is a long history of these writes , ‘ There has never been such an outpouring of tears as there has been in this century … more explicitly during the ten years , 1971–1981 , particularly so in Italy and in the United States ’ .
13 ‘ Billy Bingham has been in this position so many times before and come up smiling .
14 has been in this country .
15 There has been in this sense de-differentiation in the postmodernist attempt to drain the aura from the work of art .
16 Steve Cauthen is confident of a good run from Irish St Leger winner Mashaallah , but Magic Night has been in this battle before and this time she can win .
17 The development of study skills was implicitly or explicitly part of every proposal made for inclusion in the ESSE/L Project , and as we have seen , the major thrust of recent inservice developments has been in this area .
18 ‘ That is how vital the help of the Mirror has been in this crisis .
19 Buckley has been in this job since 1988 and in the department since 1981 , but she started as a lawyer in private practice , a profession where equality is far more of a reality than in industry .
20 She has been in this hospital room since February waiting for her heart-lung swap .
21 He 'd have enjoyed being on this trip with us today , you know . ’
22 Everything you need to know is in this document . ’
23 ‘ But I do n't want to be sharing my life with anyone , gorgeous hunk or not , ’ Shannon had pointed out mildly , managing with an effort not to remind Kelly they 'd been over this ground a hundred times before .
24 Her head was aching a bit too , but then that was not surprising perhaps after what she 'd been through this evening .
25 V.W. I tried to get something going last year after we 'd been on this girls in secondary schools course .
26 Well none of the lads were prepared to take that on , cos we 'd been on this contract with for the last eleven years .
27 I 'd been in this business long enough to know he was lying and that something was going on . ’
28 She moved away from him and went over to the couch she had taken her ease in the last time she 'd been in this room .
29 Ninety ( 72% ) patients were over 70 , although only 14% of the population studied were above this age .
30 The things that matter are in this book .
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