Example sentences of "[verb] [adv] over [art] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Broadcasters do try to offer advice , but it often goes right over the heads of enquirers .
2 Arty was still asleep , one arm hanging loosely over the side .
3 Colin Falck 's Cat Gone from Memorabilia ( Taxus , £5.95 ) , by contrast , goes courageously over the top in its eloquent last verse demonstration of how death and depression transfer emotion and unhinge reason : Come back my love .
4 We turned the light on The room was full of funny little animals whizzing all over the floor .
5 You just shot up , whizzing all over the place , erratic but really zooming , and that partly compensated for any lack of technique .
6 Well sir , they 're , we support dipping because it 's already been stated to note that we make most of the money for Shropshire from farming , and sheep is one of the big things which we sell all over the country , but unless we can guarantee our sheep are clear of er , disease people are n't going to come here and buy meat and stuff are they ?
7 Aunt Elena is a concert pianist , and she plays all over the country and in Europe , too .
8 If he heard anything he would not dream of doing anything about it but would go on gazing indifferently over the heads of his sheep .
9 Counties are designated all over the south .
10 And if you came from a chapel and puritanical background of dark and moral mills where the only promised warmth was hell-fire , then — given the opportunity — you skidded all over the field like a jackpot rabbit .
11 This may not seem to be a very daunting task , but when a man who has been flying four engine jet transports all over the world is suddenly confronted with a young pilot who has just written-off the landing gear of a light aircraft while trying to land in a cross wind , the true qualities of the new inspector are under test .
12 Born in 1900 , the same year as the Queen Mother , he had spent twenty-three years at the top , he had travelled all over the world , he had stories and memories of escapades and people and was a colourful raconteur .
13 Although he 's travelled all over the world taking stills , Mexico and the Bahamas last year , Thailand and Kampuchea before that , of all the beautiful places he 's visited and the stunning scenery he 's witnessed , his favourite place is the bottom of the sea .
14 For Charlie is one of Scotland 's best known pipers and has travelled all over the world with the Black Watch to play at social and diplomatic functions .
15 A group of armed Covenanters , under the command of Sir Robert Hamilton of Preston , East Lothian , had assembled at Rutherglen , and being opposed to Charles , had travelled all over the district , extinguishing the bonfires and stopping the celebrations .
16 Again without a query , the news was triumphantly relayed all over the world , with the simultaneous announcement that the Kaiser had bestowed the Pour le Mérite upon Guretzky-Cornitz .
17 Most of the rest of the iodine reached the population via milk , produced all over the country , that was not banned .
18 In London the Shahs ambassador , Parviz Radji , who had been inter alia , the lover of Princes Ashraf , has been agonizing daily over the turn that is country had taken , the corruption of the court of which he was apart , and the inglorious way in which it has now all collapsed .
19 And what 's more , everyone 's apologising all over the place except for one vile journalist who says it 's possible a misguided vigilante thought getting rid of Harry the only path to real justice , and I want Harry to sue him , it 's truly vicious . ’
20 The recently launched G M B , T and G information pack on the acquired rights directive has been well received all over the country and a revised pack is available here at Congress today , giving negotiators and stewards the latest information and arguments to use to protect members ' jobs and conditions .
21 ‘ Ca n't read a sodding map , gets his human body splattered all over the street , then takes off without a by your leave or kiss my elbow .
22 The pots of paint lay splattered all over the carpet .
23 The ball flies all over the place .
24 Nearly all rack effects have their connectors at the back and I find it looks very untidy having cables hanging all over the front of an amp .
25 Pierre has taught all over the world — next month he 's running a course here at the Lygon Arms Hotel in Broadway .
26 Mix the herbs into the softened butter and rub all over the lamb .
27 Table 7 gives some idea of the many Friesian derivatives which have since been developed all over the world .
28 But I 'll think better over a pastis .
29 Footsteps are heard all over the building causing surprise and apprehension and expectancy in those visitors who have heard about the phenomena but have n't experienced it .
30 ‘ Minpins of the forest ! ’ he cried , raising his small voice so that it could be heard all over the tree .
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