Example sentences of "[verb] [pers pn] for the first " in BNC.

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1 My time at the Housing Corporation was eventful in bringing me for the first , but no means last , time into contact with Mrs Thatcher when , on the fall of the Heath government , she became the shadow Minister of the Environment , in succession to the job she had had as Minister of Education .
2 Try looking at people , objects and places as if you are seeing them for the first time without being influenced by what you have known about them in the past .
3 For me one of the greatest gifts is the ability to look at things as if you are seeing them for the first time .
4 The man looked at the boys as if seeing them for the first time .
5 Since then , I had managed to film them on their wintering grounds in India , but now I was seeing them for the first time at the other end of the journey .
6 Julius looked at her jeans and T-shirt , as if seeing them for the first time .
7 Eddie 's gaze ran on round the room , taking in , as if seeing them for the first time , the stool and easel , the framed reproduction Leonardo drawings on the walls , the low divan bed .
8 By a combination of Impressionist vision , imagination , a magical mastery of language , Proust uses À la recherche to explore often banal objects , often apparently dull people , often apparently trivial episodes , in such a way that he recreates them with a freshness , erm a power of conviction , that persuade us we 're actually seeing them with a privileged insight , or perhaps even seeing them for the first time .
9 He glared up at me as though seeing me for the first time .
10 Within a few days of seeing me for the first time , he summoned me once again to tell me that the Labour Party did not wish to continue with the action .
11 The debate will centre on alternative clauses : one outlawing all experiments on embryos from the moment of conception , the other ( the Warnock majority 's view ) allowing them for the first 14 days .
12 Even so I did not expect my feet to be trouble-free after using them for the first time on a full day 's hiking in the Purbeck Hills .
13 Regina Royal Ginseng and Regina Evening Primrose Oil take those two remarkable natural substances and combine them for the first time with Regina 's fresh Royal Jelly .
14 It is the kind of rapid , critical examination to which we expose another person when we encounter them for the first time .
15 Like if I interviewed Johnny Thunders , it was n't to meet him for the first time , it was to try to save his career . ’
16 It was in 1977 and ‘ 78 that McEvoy won this title before Ronan Rafferty beat him for the first ( and only ) time in nearly 30 matches for England .
17 " Oh , that 's you , Fiver , is it ? " said Bigwig , noticing him for the first time .
18 If a child has it for the first ten years hardly anything else matters .
19 Ludo notices it for the first time , and asks what he can do for me .
20 The Economic League report on The Present Trend of Communism in Britain alleged that " the Communist Party has made full use of the Left Book Club , enabling it for the first time to make effective contact with some 50,000 members of the middle class " .
21 He had one made up , used it for the first time in the 1989 Jersey Open and finished joint fifth , 5-under par and only two behind play-off victor Christy O'Connor Jnr .
22 The species are ‘ christened ’ when a scientist describes them for the first time , illustrates their peculiarities and publishes the name in a scientific journal .
23 Just then he noticed me for the first time .
24 Susan uses me for the first person pronoun [ G2 ] , and unmarked past tense [ G4 ] in tell , see , pick and run , and she has initial /t/ in ting , " thing " [ P17 ] .
25 He buggered me for the first time that night , reaching round and putting his hand over my mouth , tearing me in two .
26 He reported after the Sixth Comintern Congress that ’ As a rule , when we tell our Latin American comrades , on meeting them for the first time , that the situation of their country is that of a semi-colony and consequently we must consider the problems concerning it from the viewpoint of our colonial or semi-colonial tactics , they are indignant at this notion and assert that their country is independent , that it is represented in the League of Nations , has its own diplomats , consulates , etc . ’
27 Thus , in the context of consensual sexual activity with a girl under the age of 16 , it states : ‘ Most of us think that acts such as oral sex are extremely serious ( perhaps more likely to disturb a young girl meeting them for the first time than sexual intercourse ) . ’
28 cummings and Edwin Morgan are , however , splendidly useful , and if practitioners keep coming across the same texts , it has to be remembered that students may very well be meeting them for the first time .
29 I now see that Travis is so smitten that he would n't accept anything but that , meeting me for the first time when I called at your apartment , you at once became very much attracted to me .
30 Try and keep them dry , and take the painkillers we 'll give you for the first few days .
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