Example sentences of "[verb] [adv prt] for the first " in BNC.

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1 The curriculum laid down for the first time what pupils should learn in 10 subjects .
2 Trident sub goes down for the first time
3 ‘ I am particularly excited about the opportunities that it will provide for opening up for the first time higher educational facilities in the area .
4 ‘ Piece of cake , ’ Nails agreed as they lined up for the first time on the pool edge .
5 Maloney said : ‘ If we have to fight Tucker we will , but I 've got Alex Stewart lined up for the first defence . ’
6 Davis Cup nerves certainly got to them as they started their defence of a trophy they had only just won back for the first time since 1932 but full marks to the British challengers who gave of their best in terms of commitment and attitude .
7 A dynamic study of the posterior lung fields was carried out for the first 15 minutes after injecting the radiolabelled leucocytes .
8 I was operated on for the first time when I was two or three weeks old .
9 ‘ Greed came in for the first time .
10 Aid workers say Central Bosnia , cut off for the first time this Winter by the war between Croats and Muslims , is facing a humanitarian catastrophe .
11 Accurate pictures could now be built up for the first time as to how tigers spent their day , how often they killed , their associations with other tigers and how the young animals found and established their own home ranges .
12 Most of them apparently turned up for the first Sunday game at the picturesque University ground .
13 He made his Palace debut on Boxing Day , teaming up for the first time with Dickie Dowsett and Ronnie Allen , and helped the Palace romp to a thrilling 3–0 victory over Millwall on a freezing surface .
14 An elderly English lady , with a tendency to pre-war propriety , who told me on the Friday that she was afraid it would all be ‘ another load of pretentious American rubbish ’ , said on Sunday that she had learned to open up for the first time in her life .
15 Treleaven strolled out for the first play-off hole , the par-four 10th , and saw off all opposition with a birdie three on the second most difficult hole on the course .
16 ‘ It 's a very good thing he 's been involved in the pre-tour training at Lilleshall and is going along for the first three weeks of the Indian tour to bowl in the nets .
17 The research by Yorkshire TV paid off last Sunday when 18 million tuned in for the first episode of A Touch of Frost .
18 He took off the first slice , you know the rather well-done , brown bit at the end , and laid it on one side of the serving dish and then he cut the next slice off for the first lady and so on . ’
19 Before lining up for the first race of the season it 's off to the now-standard bits-and-bobs shop , where you can spend up to $100,000 upgrading your jalopy .
20 Gazza and Maradona square up for the first time for the world 's undisputed No 1 title as Lazio take on Seville in a friendly in Spain .
21 ‘ I informed everyone in local league cricket , including 21 clubs of Asian boys , but only three turned up for the first week .
22 Late in March Mahmoud showed up for the first time since the Yanks had moved out .
23 DUNCAN FERGUSON and Scott Booth will this afternoon get the opportunity to justify Craig Brown 's opinion that they are full internationalists of the future when they team up for the first time in Scotland 's Under-21 side .
24 Well there there are three there are three organizations or companies there that I think you 'd be er happier in especially going out for the first time and also er your style .
25 Sometimes I drop out for the first verse of songs and let Keith do rhythm and then I come back in for the second verse ; it brings the level of intensity right up .
26 The plans for the dump are spelt out for the first time in evidence from the CEGB to the Sizewell inquiry , now in its fourth week .
27 And look out for the first Birthday File coming up soon !
28 Cal turned round for the first time and stared at Vern .
29 As there was only the one company it is reasonable to infer that everyone roped in for the first loan was in fact a Merchant Taylor .
30 Debussy takes over for the first two of five of the Eight Piano Pieces Op. 15 , of Dirk Schäfer ( 1873–1931 ) — surprisingly , in view of the derisory remarks Schäfer made about Debussy quoted in the notes .
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