Example sentences of "[verb] [adv prt] a long time " in BNC.

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1 He moved over a long time ago from playing an SG Standard and an ES-345 when he found his beloved fixed-bridge ‘ 64 Stratocaster , which is standard apart from an extra treble-boost toggle switch .
2 But we do talk and what I know is you are essentially a decent and totally wonderful human being and I 'll hang around a long time for you .
3 However , this does not persist over a long time scale and is often not to be observed at all .
4 There had been windows on the westerly side of the school , but they appeared to have been built up a long time , judging from the appearance of the workmanship on the outside .
5 Rattling in the chest ; every cold goes to the chest or nose and the catarrh hangs on a long time .
6 well that 's going back a long time , is n't it ?
7 This awareness goes back a long time , and to Lace it we need to leave the field of folklore and go back into the realms of ancient philosophy .
8 Ah … well this goes back a LONG time … well back to 1980 I think .
9 I said , well , I , there must be summat there , out there , she said no , he said , she said it goes back a long time .
10 The CEGB would perhaps be more fully convincing in its argument on fuel diversity if it could show that it had more real commitment to the development and use over a long time scale of renewable-energy technologies .
11 The hon. Gentleman asks whether we could debate them after they have been debated in the European Community , but we are talking about a long time ahead .
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