Example sentences of "[verb] [pron] at the time " in BNC.

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1 So er I thought a alright then , so I I went off like and I just heard erm and said , I went up to see her mother like and , I told her mother about it , like and that and erm her mother says different now , that she came round to see me at the time to tell , to give me a telling off like over her friend .
2 This , of course , did not affect me at the time !
3 They can decide which pathways to follow and explore them at the time they ‘ read ’ the document .
4 Beryl 's words had impressed him at the time because they summed up his own vague feeling that what had happened and what was happening might be consequences of the old man 's cynical , even malicious contrivings .
5 Onassis invited me — I did n't know him at the time but later we became great friends — and we talked .
6 St Agnes FCJ was in Sierra Leone , before she was forced to flee and it was Joseph and his friend who helped her at the time .
7 ‘ We did not know it at the time but the torch we lit in Britain , which transformed our country — the torch of freedom that is now the symbol of our party — became a beacon that has shed its light across the Iron Curtain into the East .
8 Although we did not know it at the time , the next census figures were to show an over-all drop of more than 11% .
9 Corman , a young independent producer born of the post-Superior Court ruling when studios were cutting back on their own B-movie productions , did not know it at the time , nor did anyone else , but he was about to make a significant contribution to what later became known as the ‘ new Hollywood ’ through the personalities he gave work to on low budget films , either acting , writing , directing or all three .
10 Although he did not know it at the time , Hess 's work was to initiate a revolution in geological and geophysical thinking , and ultimately it became the foundation of a major new theory about how continents and oceans are related , and what part volcanoes play in the evolution of the Earth .
11 I did n't know it at the time , but he had come to prepare us for the move to England .
12 Though I did n't know it at the time , Lebanon was suffering only the hors d'oeuvre of the devil 's dinner .
13 ‘ Well , I did n't know it at the time , but the telegraphist on the next set to mine-Lofty , he 's called — was on my wavelength too .
14 I did not know it at the time , but Helmut knew that Jean-Claude was still seeing Otto .
15 This was to be a momentous decision although he did not know it at the time .
16 ‘ I did n't know it at the time .
17 I did n't know it at the time but a greater blow awaited me A few days later Mrs Rumney was on the phone again .
18 Of course I did n't know it at the time , but by then my mother and father 's marriage was showing cracks .
19 So I read it and I gave a similar look back and I think I probably said something like that did n't happen or something along those lines , that 's hard to believe that had happened and passed it back to him and then that was it , we did not discuss it at the time
20 Do n't blame yourself for that choice ; you had reasons for adopting it at the time .
21 Well I mean , I told them at the time I was against the of a sixteen month deal .
22 Christ Almighty , I told you at the time , did n't I ?
23 I told you at the time to stick out and then she would have to get a housekeeper in .
24 You were told at the time you did , and Councillor told you at the time that th it was totally inadequate was the children 's budget , so how can you expect more money from the Government when your sense of priorities is so blatantly wrong on the money that you 're already handling .
25 — as she might have said herself at the time ) .
26 It is worth mentioning , all the same , that a time will come when a frequent absentee can be fairly dismissed and that a failure to consult him at the time of dismissal will not necessarily mean that the company will be powerless to resist an unfair dismissal claim .
27 I do n't think he meant it , looking back , but I believed him at the time .
28 She had accepted that he had had grounds for dismissing her at the time , considering the state of that little radio station 's finances .
29 He preferred the sort of woman who put her foot in it with grammar and things ; that way he could feel superior by correcting her at the time and having a laugh at her expense later with his male colleagues .
30 It had soon passed , but it had alarmed her at the time .
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