Example sentences of "[verb] [pron] at the [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 Cos you will throw them at the back of the box instead of lining them up .
2 ‘ It will please the Colonel to see them at the breakfast-table in the morning , ’ I-said .
3 ‘ You 've got chilblains ! ’ their mother said when she came to see them at the beginning of December .
4 I was still more surprised when some of their parents arrived in motor cars to see them at the weekend
5 The public would still pay to see them at the cinema .
6 ‘ I 've to see them at the bank shortly — there 's that Buttering to be fixed , and no money for it wi'out they 'll give me a loan . ’
7 I could tell Gillian and Stuart were n't thrilled to see me at the airport .
8 So er I thought a alright then , so I I went off like and I just heard erm and said , I went up to see her mother like and , I told her mother about it , like and that and erm her mother says different now , that she came round to see me at the time to tell , to give me a telling off like over her friend .
9 The Padre , consulted as to the propriety of firing them at the enemy , had given his opinion that they could perfectly well be fired and that they , or any other such popish or Tractarian objects , would very likely wreak terrible havoc .
10 ‘ I shall be seeing them at the weekend . ’
11 ‘ Hopefully your bloodhounds will be able to run the truants down before Sunday , in which case I 'd appreciate your contacting me at the hotel . ’
12 Then he took the stones from their pouch and laid them at the bottom of the Bowl .
13 It 's given everyone at the club a lift . ’
14 ‘ He met me at the station … ’
15 Rich and Syb met me at the station .
16 I had supposed that Aunt Louise would be in bed , but she met me at the door ; opened it , in fact , and held it ready for me to come in , because there was something she was bursting to tell me : ‘ I 'm not staying in this cold place a day longer . ’
17 My faithful driver , Murphy , met me at the gate , taking my bags and walking me past the vagrants and money changers to his car , an old American model that had become something of a collector 's item .
18 Ken met me at the entrance and guided me into a side room .
19 On the appointed Saturday in October , Micky met me at the railway station and drove me ( in a fairly elderly Morris Oxford with a canvas hood ) right down the High as far as the University Church , and there he parked ( no problem then ) .
20 He met them at the gate and was smiling .
21 His Lordship Monboddo , wearing a little round hat and a farmer 's suit , met them at the gate .
22 And er also many engineers when they were out their time , they went to Glasgow and for a few years , he , everybody who went from Galashiels , word got through to him and he met them at the station and got them settled in their digs in Glasgow .
23 Although the other judges would not look at the assessors ' lists , Burn met them at the hall and compared his list of preferences to theirs .
24 This , of course , did not affect me at the time !
25 The disorder that had seemed to him for decades to determine the course of events regrouped itself like a pile of iron filings suddenly organized by a magnet , and he had a flash of optimism when it appeared quite possible that men in the days to come might wish to find out more than concerned them at the moment .
26 If you want to keep the existing pipes ( perhaps using a tap adaptor ) , use a bath/basin spanner to disconnect them at the top .
27 I got nothing at the table right .
28 But if you have others which I do not deal with satisfactorily then please raise them at the end . ’
29 The main duty of the foresters of fee was of course the safe keeping of vert and venison : the Forest rolls show them searching for , arresting and attaching offenders , and indicting them at the Forest Eyre .
30 Against the advice given me at the Centre , quite deliberately I decided to have neither a counsellor nor a healer .
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