Example sentences of "[verb] [pron] at the [adj] " in BNC.

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1 If you if you need to do something about it , then er in order to secure that order for a hundred , then sell them at the old price .
2 In short , the consumer called the tune and the operators who prospered were those who best identified the needs of the consumers and met them at the right price .
3 ‘ I met them at the same time , ’ Tim recalls .
4 Many are offered in garden centres and shops , loose or prepacked , from February onwards , but care must be taken to plant them at the right time or thy may fail .
5 If you saw someone you knew and you shouted out to them , you were in dead trouble , even if you shouted hello , or if you asked someone at the next table for a cigarette .
6 Went to the Royal Academy when I was doing my 'O' Levels , it was a Jackson follow up it was about , ambulance was about twelve foot by twelve foot , it was literally splodges of paint all over the fucking place , it was horrible , you can actually buy them at the Royal Academy , you ca n't buy them at , but he was asking a hundred thousand pounds for it , I could n't believe it , a trained monkey could of fucking painted that
7 Hewett despatched Charlton around the outside of the inn to meet them at the outside door , while he and the landlord hurried through to the tap room .
8 ‘ I persuaded her once or twice to meet me at the ruined tower .
9 For a new act , I would have to pitch them at the right venue for their type of music .
10 The boy found me at the sweet shop across the street , and told me of the drama .
11 The footwells need cutting and rewelding for a V8 , so it would be easier to repair yours at the same time as , if you buy a new bulkhead , it will need chopping and welding just the same .
12 ‘ Oh , piss off , ’ shouted someone at the other end of the hut , as a boot bounced off the door just as the Sergeant made his exit .
13 Towards the end of the third hour , a little man at the back of the great hall , a faithful apparatchik from the area of the Caspian Sea , was unable to contain himself at the unanticipated exposition of the enormities of Stalin .
14 Ellie cried , as she saw Mike hurling himself at the unprepared Patsy .
15 It was a pleasure to meet you at the Scottish Taxi Federation exhibition at Riccarton last week .
16 As well as receiving your letters , we like to meet you at the Royal Show , reader workshops and garden visits .
17 Er a similar cautious approach which none of them took yesterday when on examination it was found that there was more potential there than before , erm so to help with the figures I have found very helpful erm appendix eight to the er York City Council erm statement , I think it appears in both of their statements appendix eight Greater York housing provision sorry , could could I also direct you at the same time to the County Council 's N Y five appendix three now the , the two make interesting comparisons because they both start of with the same H one proposal of nine thousand seven hundred dwellings , and I 'll remind you there , sir , that only five thousand seven hundred of those are required by the existing population , four thousand of those are for migrants , and the two schedules go of in slightly different directions under the heading of completions , and the reason for that , sir , is that the the Greater York , the er County Council 's figures , as you can see were computed in October nineteen ninety two when only seven hundred dwellings had been completed , yet six months later , under item C for the Greater York er housing provision figure , York Ci York City Council figures , the completions were one thousand and sixty three .
18 They ca n't gazump you at the last minute cos it makes
19 So that 's se and I want you at the other end .
20 Rangers , though , deserved some fortune because they had enjoyed none at the other end .
21 She was about to say so , in no uncertain terms , but stopped herself at the last moment .
22 His dark eyes met hers as if he felt her surreptitious appraisal , and she found herself at the receiving end of that long , sardonic smile .
23 Has anybody at the English F.A .
24 ‘ It reminds me of my dear father one day at Sandwich , ’ she was saying , ‘ when we were picnicking on the sands and we had arranged to meet him at the nineteenth hole .
25 The fact that the Prime Minister of Great Britain had twice flown to Germany to intercede with him , and on the third occasion had hurried across Europe with the heads of the French and Italian Governments to meet him at the shortest possible notice , constituted a personal triumph for Hitler .
26 I could make it a fairy-tale instead , if I wanted to , Anyway , It 's the capital of the empire ; a courtier starts a liaison with one of the princesses ; the demands she and the impersonate on his time get to be too much , so he secretly has an android made to impersonate him at the endless court rituals and boring receptions ; nobody notices .
27 ‘ I just missed everything , ’ moaned Ivanisevic , who crashed 6-3 , 7-6 , 7-6 to a clay court specialist who also beat him at the French Open this year .
28 ‘ I just missed everything , ’ moaned Ivanisevic , who crashed 6-3 , 7-6 , 7-6 to a clay court specialist who also beat him at the French Open this year .
29 Sheffield went ahead after 30 minutes when Gage knocked the ball past Allen as he burst into the goalmouth and , though Walker parried both his shot and Deane 's follow-up , Deane beat him at the third attempt .
30 Accounting for the use of this form in any context will always imply relating the particular meaning actualized in the context to the permanent potential significate postulated for it in tongue , and will consequently involve : ( 1 ) showing that the common denominator of a before/after sequence is present ( the constant element evoked by to ) , and ( 2 ) showing how the speaker has fit the particular experience he is talking about into this potential by intercepting the operation of actualizing it at the appropriate moment ( the variable element expressed by to ) .
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