Example sentences of "[verb] [pron] [verb] n't [adj] " in BNC.

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No Sentence
1 I mean I had n't any worries .
2 I mean I do n't bloody but .
3 ‘ I would n't compare Brian with God , ’ said Constance , ‘ but when he 's sulking you do n't half know it . ’
4 mind you the scriptures say they do n't definite your sting and , can you explain that ?
5 If she wants to fight on she 'll have to pay and she says she has n't enough money .
6 Hope you have n't any objection .
7 Well , I found a little room for you — attic , I 'm afraid , hope you do n't mind- and I 've put everything up there .
8 and how he 'd seen prison and er they 'd said they had n't any prisons but he found one and erm hospitals and all that sort of thing and at the end of the week 's visit erm one of the very high ups , whom he named and I 've forgotten the name of him , I think I 'll just use that , thank you erm sent for h he , he was brought before him as it were and the man said to him are there any questions er at the end of your week that you want to ask and he said well perhaps there is one he said erm Winston Churchill was here erm a month or two , a few months ago
9 They 'll simply think you have n't any clout . ’
10 ‘ But you do realize I have n't much capital ? ’
11 He claimed he had n't any but he jolly well had !
12 I could do with several new shifts and caps and you know we have n't enough money to keep calling in the seamstress . "
13 I know he do n't this Sandra and I do n't care a sod !
14 ‘ If you 're away to glory in some sort of wilderness I suppose I have n't much option — but I must say that this is mighty strange — ’
15 I I I just wonder what the opposition would think if you decided that the criteria approach alone was not acceptable and you equally decided you had n't enough information to specify a location , where would that leave you ?
16 I it , it was , it was alright f for people wh who were used to that sort of thing but I mean they had n't all the mechanization in the mines then that they have now .
17 She knew she had n't any choice anyhow but to agree .
18 I — I somehow thought you had n't any , like me , you know . ’
19 No but I mean he has n't supposed to come and , you know not really .
20 ‘ It merely means we have n't sufficient grounds for arresting him yet .
21 But now I think they do n't many so it 's not you know this up to sort of like thirteen they 've been taught constantly once to that age .
22 He said I have n't those for years !
23 She said she had n't any but they would n't listen .
24 She spoke truthfully for the first time and said she had n't any more of it — which was a direct admission that she had had it in the first place .
25 He told me how he 'd been conned three times that week by people who took ten-quid rides , then said they had n't any cash but offered to leave a watch with him while they went inside ( usually a block of flats ) to get some dosh .
26 You see you see I do n't mean to be erm rude or anything but as I 'm sure you understand you ca n't really you know , you know write a note without my doctor 's notes , because you see I , I think if I get a job at the moment I think it 'll just , it wo n't last
27 Ca n't say we did n't half expect it , I suppose , by this time .
28 She could be bluffing we do n't that do we for certain erm yes we have got one who will accept the salary yes we could take one from outside the field that 's why I wanted this deadline so if we do n't get the increase in salary by this date we can then start planning and take on board the second tier level
29 ‘ The Thing did say they do n't all grow to twelve feet , ’ said Angalo , in the silence .
30 Lennie knows he has n't any time to play with if Boro are to stay in the big time .
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