Example sentences of "[verb] [pron] [verb] [pron] the " in BNC.

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1 The first morning we met you asked me to show you the way to the matriculation class , putting a very strong stress on the first syllable .
2 John asked me to help him the following year as I often came to Stamford to see my mother .
3 Their triple-engined ski boat had blocked the exit to the road and when people asked them to move it the BMW people started arguing .
4 In the end I got them to give me the first aid outfit and fixed myself up .
5 I got them to give me the number for the cleaners ' mess-room and asked there .
6 In fact , I do n't think I knew what the word ‘ erudite ’ meant until I met Kenneth .
7 Why do you think I why do you think I gave you the fucking job eh ?
8 I got I told you the about a different bana .
9 Branson did not need them to tell him the damage that could be done to the airline 's reputation by a story appearing about engine failure on the day before the inaugural flight .
10 Her own family has suffered the anguish of repossession , and her personal story of how her local Liberal Democrat-controlled council helped them made her the winner in the school 's mock election .
11 As the shock receded , Charles found himself wondering what the disagreement had really been about .
12 England found nobody to do what the Pakistan quickies — Wasim Akram in particular — had done to them .
13 D' ya know what the axis is ?
14 D' ya know what the sales code does on your B M S ?
15 Well I do n't know you know what the name we 've used
16 We do n't know what it 's all about , but we do know you have something the law would like to hear .
17 What kind of people d' you think I the first year psychology students they 've been given some sexual orientation ?
18 D' you remember what the papers and TV said about it , Mr Barnes ? ’
19 Now I want you to do it the hard way , I mean you would n't normally do it this way but when you 've got letters in you 've got no choice .
20 I want you to show her the ropes .
21 Now I want you to tell me the important part — why the hell are you so desperate that you 'll go to this extent in order to get your hands on the bequest ?
22 She had spent a sleepless night agonising over what had happened between herself and David and she found herself dreading what the atmosphere would be like between them .
23 It had been a slip on Doreen 's part , Lucy recalled as she found herself wondering what the situation had been with Clive .
24 ‘ We want him to see what the reality is , compared with the tabloid myth , ’ said a party organiser .
25 ‘ We now want him to give us the name of his accomplice . ’
26 I want her to give you the name of the man responsible . ’
27 Where we might have expected him to grant her the respect of verse , he goes on in the same business-like prose : ‘ How now , Kate ?
28 The people who created it made themselves the masters of the Greek-speaking world within two centuries .
29 John Urry and I then broadened it and transformed it to make it the cornerstone of our chapter on postmodernism in The End of Organized Capitalism , especially by locating it within a framework of a book which is essentially a comparative political economy of advanced capitalist societies .
30 I expect he sent you the letter .
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