Example sentences of "[verb] [conj] the [noun sg] is " in BNC.

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1 The situation may arise where the taxpayer is on the face of it chargeable to tax under Case V of Schedule D and also caught by Part XV of the Taxes Act 1988 .
2 Problems may arise where the foreman is bribed or negligent and excessive hours are claimed by the sub-contractor .
3 Earmarking , through reimbursement for the first year ; remaining 3 years to go where the need is greatest
4 Pound says , in effect : ‘ If your French is n't good enough to go where the quality is both defined ( metaphorically ) and exemplified , i.e. in Gautier 's ‘ L'art ’ specifically and in his Emaux et Camées as a whole , or in the work of followers like Hérédia and Samain , then remind yourself , or re-experience , what it is like to read George Herbert and Christina Rossetti and Lionel Johnson .
5 when for any other reason whatever a Consignment can not be delivered or when a Consignment is held by the Carrier ‘ to await order ’ or ‘ to be kept till called for ’ or upon any like instructions and such instructions are not given or the Consignment is not called for and removed , within a reasonable time , then transit shall be deemed to end .
6 In considering a government summary table , it must first be recognized that the raw data were probably collected with no specific use in mind and therefore , almost inevitably , too much detail is given or the format is unsuitable for the purpose in hand .
7 SKF ( U.K. ) Limited Relocation expense repayment ‘ This payment is made upon condition that if within two years of the date upon which it is made , you give notice to terminate your employment with this company , or we summarily terminate it because of misconduct , you will make repayment to us as follows : — a ) If such notice is given or the employment is so terminated within nine months , the repayment will be the full amount .
8 b ) If such notice is given or the employment is so terminated after nine months and within 15 months , the repayment will be half the amount .
9 c ) If such notice is given or the employment is so terminated after 15 months and within 2 years , the repayment will be one quarter of the amount .
10 To find where the blockage is ( unless it is simply the gully itself which is blocked ) , you will have to lift the inspection chamber manhole covers starting at the house and working outwards .
11 What appears to be stable in interpretations of here ( apart from curious usages deriving from long-distance telephonic communication and long-distance travel , discussed in Lyons , 1977 ) is that the deictic centre is located where the speaker is .
12 Attendance is strongly recommended where the suspect is a juvenile or a person at risk .
13 The reason for discussing it here is that , under the Sexual Offences Act 1967 , this offence is not committed where the act is done in private , between consenting males , both aged 21 or over .
14 No offence against section 8 of the Vehicles ( Excise ) Act 1971 is committed where the vehicle is used or kept on a private road , i.e. a road which is not repairable at public expense .
15 This endorsement should be added where the home is one of non-standard construction .
16 And of the Cobra , ‘ There can be no denying that the Cobra is an extremely exciting car to drive , or even passenger in .
17 Iraq is denying that the move is a bid to have sanctions lifted .
18 Alas , I was to reach the age of sixty and retire before even the first sod was turned , but I am happy to relate that the building is now complete and occupied by AIB .
19 These procedures are not framed in words which suggest that the determination is likely to be controversial .
20 These comments suggest that the test is unlikely to be useful as a screening instrument but , when used in conjunction with other tests or with children who have already been identified as having language difficulties , it may assist in the generation of a balanced assessment of a child 's strengths and weaknesses .
21 Such correspondences — and Barth underlines the pun — suggest that the novel is a multiple palimpsest with one textual layer over another and the roles of textual producer and fictional character constantly blurring together .
22 These suggest that the bulge is permeated by very hot gas with temperatures near 10 8 K ( hotter than the centre of the Sun ) and densities 0.03–0.06 hydrogen nuclei per cubic centimetre , corresponding to a pressure nearly 1,000 times higher than that measured in the solar vicinity .
23 The eclipses show that the binary system is embedded in a cloud of material which must have been ejected from the companion star , although calculations suggest that the companion is well inside its Roche lobe .
24 Together , these two points suggest that the state is losing its control over events .
25 This suggest that the gas is undergoing a cooling flow , as is expected anyway as the gas density inferred from the X-ray luminosity requires that the cooling time be less than the age of the Universe within that region .
26 We suggest that the issue is not that ‘ a considerable possibility of overtreatment ’ exists but that potentially damaging and ineffective treatment may be undertaken outside the confines of a randomised controlled trial .
27 In a letter this week to the Lord Chancellor , Mark Sheldon , President of the Law Society , says that recent remarks made by Lord Mackay suggest that the Government is considering restricting the individual 's right to choose their own solicitor .
28 On the face of it , the Judicial Statistics suggest that the procedure is extensively used .
29 Our results suggest that the second is true : women with high waist-hip ratio have difficulty in becoming pregnant .
30 Whether these predictions are consistent with existing models for the structure of dystrophin is not clear , but they suggest that the structure is more irregular than previously described .
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