Example sentences of "[verb] [be] [prep] [adj] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 But then I , I , it 's unfortunate that you had your first I mean someone who had no experience of headmastership , head , head teachers , I mean all the head teachers I should think are in financial problems this year cos it 's really there first full year
2 But new questions about the relations of language and what language represents are of great importance to our understanding of Renaissance culture .
3 Devises are of two kinds only , specific and residuary .
4 Tagalog concepts are directly relevant to the present discussion because the Buid with whom I lived are in daily contact with Tagalog speaking immigrants from neighbouring islands .
5 Mutations that affect corepressor binding are of two types .
6 Notes that you can consult are of great value , but much of the fundamental interpretation of your subjects must be based on an effective memory when notes are not to hand .
7 The holes drilled are for light weight — and they are just that .
8 Ken has been into western styling since he was a child .
9 A measure of your success in a coaching session is when the subordinate feels the discussion has been between two equals and that together you have arrived at the best course of action .
10 The most marked shift has been between different sectors : the percentage of output ( Gross Domestic product , or GDP ) accounted for by manufacturing has decreased while the proportion attributable to service industries has increased .
11 The tendency then , has been towards greater reliance upon market forces and competitive freedom ; a shift of emphasis in the way governments aim to trade-off financial sector policy goals and in the regulatory means by which these goals are to be secured .
12 As well as this , the trend over the past few years has been towards greater accountability from business in the form of information about matters other than profit and loss .
13 It said : ’ The balance of evidence over the last month has been towards continued recession .
14 Both suggest that in the area of sexual morality the change has been towards less restraint , less control and more choice .
15 The direction of tertiary education since the mid-seventies , as the process of contraction has continued , has been towards more responsiveness , more accountability , reduced autonomy .
16 This may indicate that the conflict has been over peripheral matters , that a core belief in a transcendent power could retain its plausibility , untouched by changing conceptions of the physical world .
17 The Liberal Democratic Party has been through many name changes since the 1987 election .
18 The United Kingdom has been through 13 years in which unemployment has more than doubled , irreplaceable assets have been wasted , markets at home and abroad have been lost , manufacturing investment has fallen , poverty has increased , the crime rate has rocketed , and talents have been neglected .
19 Our Regional Association has been through difficult times , mainly due to isolation and communication problems .
20 As a result , an Inservice Panel was established in June 1983 , and it has been through this body that project-related INSET development can be traced .
21 Such legislation has been through detailed preparation including the publication of draft clauses .
22 ‘ The North has been through hard times but things are changing , ’ he said .
23 Where interiors have survived , it has been through benign neglect .
24 The car has been through several variations of engine size , but now like an ageing but still beautiful dowager , repeated facelifts can no longer wholly hide the ravages of time and progress . ’
25 Gloucestershire County Council has been down this road before .
26 The city this morning is relatively calm , far quieter than it has been on many days in recent months .
27 However , against the background of government concern over inner-city disturbances , picket line violence , the Greenham Common demonstrations and other large scale protests , the emphasis has been on preserving order and minimising public inconvenience rather than facilitating effective protest .
28 The Congress 's disarray — radical democrats argue that it should be disbanded — has been on embarrassing display this week as deputies argued over what to call their state .
29 One of the Moths now at Mandevelle has been on static display in a motor museum for years , and is now almost ready to leap into the air again ; an excellent idea .
30 Most of the research on this has been on conversational interaction of a rather restricted kind , such as between doctor and patient , teacher and pupil or between the various speakers in court cases .
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