Example sentences of "[verb] [conj] it [is] [adv] " in BNC.

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1 Either it is raining or it is not raining .
2 Production has been increasingly globalized , with processes located where it is most advantageous in terms of profit maximization .
3 Sometimes it is omitted where it is historically expected to be present , and sometimes it is added where it is not expected .
4 If we are of a lazier disposition , the solution is simple and usually quite acceptable : if the same note will occur in two or more parts it can be omitted where it is least necessary and retained only in the principal part ( thus in Example 140 we would keep the E♭ only in the upper voice , to retain the melodic shape ) .
5 Sometimes it is omitted where it is historically expected to be present , and sometimes it is added where it is not expected .
6 Friedman and Rosenman ( 1974 ) suggest that it is not a question of getting rid of Type-A behaviour , rather that we should learn to manage it .
7 In fact , however , international comparisons strongly suggest that it is not the most downtrodden and deprived who provide the most militant source of protest .
8 This growth in women 's propensity to take paid work probably has both economic and social origins , but our analyses of fertility suggest that it is not an important explanatory factor in the ‘ baby bust ’ .
9 ‘ I suggest that it is not a matter which a man wishes his employer to know about . ’
10 Summala ( 1984 ) , however , suggest that it is not the detection of signs but memory for them which is likely to be faulty .
11 Most typically , the apparent reality of the object is an effect of its being treated like a painting ; the text frames its object and then refers to it in terms that suggest that it is already represented on a canvas .
12 The first is more intense , with the buck putting up a spirited resistance ; in the second its lolling tongue and gentler stance suggest that it is about to succumb .
13 Newson and Newson ( 1.3 ) suggest that it is only in this century that questions about how to bring up children have been widely discussed ; hitherto the niceties of different child-rearing philosophies were set aside in the face of a more fundamental dilemma , whether children would survive at all beyond the first few years .
14 However that may be , we suggest that it is more important to have committed members than representative ones , and in this regard our evaluation of the Coordinating Team is very positive .
15 Some suggest that it is more important to be able to bring political pressure to bear , so that the elected representatives of whatever sex will pass legislation of benefit to women .
16 If the affidavits suggest that it is more likely than not that the defendant would succeed in establishing a statutory immunity that is a weighty factor in favour of refusing to grant an injunction .
17 He adds that it is not in the traders ' interests for the elephants to die out .
18 The company adds that it is already benefiting from increased efficiency and expects a large return on its financial investment in Weldon .
19 Tom adds that it is very important for young horses to have their teeth checked before they are bitted and broken ; racehorses usually have their first session at two years-old .
20 In reality , the only difference between the two media is that the public knows how newspapers get their stories — though they do n't know that it 's exactly the same way as people in television get them .
21 But do you know that it 's actually saved you from losing any of these employees .
22 I do n't know that it 's terribly clean .
23 Caspar , genuinely appalled , said , ‘ But do n't you know that it 's almost the most dangerous place in the whole of Ireland ? ’
24 You do n't know that it 's there but I do .
25 erm I think I do n't know that it 's so much class , I think it 's just this image of girls do this and or women do that and men do the other .
26 When you if if you think about a country of song you might think of Wales , but anybody visiting Ireland will know that it 's really Ireland 's got to be a country of song because if you go there you 've got to sing .
27 Stavanger has a considerable holding of Ingard stock , but he must know that it is largely worthless .
28 But she must know that it is n't clever to be asked to leave a country while on assignment .
29 Anyone who has been instrumental in this transformation of another person 's life through the impact of the Word of God and the Spirit of God will know that it is not his own doing .
30 He should know that it is not the Government who take action in these matters , but the Attorney-General .
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