Example sentences of "[verb] [conj] [is] [adv] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 If not , and he 's picking the frog out of everyone who has or is still playing for the team , surely Strachan 's contribution far outweighs anything done by the Frog .
2 Indeed , if the system has been well designed and is well run , it should stimulate demand for more and different types of information .
3 The airframe , apparently in excellent shape , is complete with 1–16 engines installed and is currently displayed in the Pioneer Village Museum located in Nebraska .
4 Owing to the crescendo , the 2nd clarinet , when once it has entered , can not be dropped and is therefore carried on .
5 Er and Jane has sent us in some proposals , which erm she 's s since modified and is now working on and she 's calling in to see us for half a day in the near future
6 The Hindus believe also that the universe periodically dissolves and is then recreated .
7 But if the reality is allowed to stand but is also understood as a metaphor for the experience of all women , then I believe Mary can speak to our condition .
8 Regretfully , this weekend has had to be cancelled as is now living in Malaysia and is unable to fulfil her commitment .
9 ‘ I have sometimes thought that more might be done than is commonly attempted in education to familiarise the idea of death to the minds of children by representing it as the grand event for which they were born ; and thus making a future state the object of their chief interest and ambition .
10 After a few blows there , the porcupine succumbs and is then turned carefully over and eaten from underneath , its soft underbelly causing no problems .
11 Staff time taken with such enquiries is difficult to evaluate and is probably underestimated in many Job Descriptions in Annual Staff Reports .
12 The team was only set up 3 years ago when the rink was built and is now ranked 13th in the country .
13 It was threatened with closure after the demise of the lead-workings , but was saved and is now operated as a tourist service in summer months by British Rail — the only steam line left in the nationalized network .
14 Today there is much public concern about the amount of incest that occurs and is now coming to light .
15 Thus , amongst policemen and women working in ‘ hard ’ areas of high tension , policing in Easton is abused as family disputes and barking dogs , a caricature which many respondents hold and is even reproduced by constables at Easton : ‘ One minute you could be called out , someone 's budgie has escaped and is flying around the living-room .
16 However , in this case a decision must be made and is often given on the flimsiest of grounds ( though that is not the fault of the refereeing panel ) .
17 Raspberry vinegar makes a wonderful salad dressing but is also used extensively in nouvelle cuisine for sauces and trickled over soft fruits ( sometimes with a little black pepper ) .
18 Applying the opposite rudder can not possibly cause the spin to reverse as is sometimes stated , unless the pilot is keeping the stick right back .
19 In the first the message is received in full and is then given out to the person ; in the second the message is received and is simultaneously translated into the second language .
20 The engine has been overhauled and is now inhibited until needed .
21 He 's one of the co-architects of the agreement and there is no doubt that his vision , energy , enthusiasm and dedication can not be over emphasized and is deeply appreciated by this union .
22 The material was then taken back to the laboratory , where the real work was undertaken and is still going on .
23 That he neither really sees nor is really torn , that he can not enter the world of either comedy or tragedy , neither O brave new world that hath such people in it , nor Dark dark dark beneath the blaze of noon .
24 The nature of the right hemisphere 's contribution has yet to be determined precisely , but it may turn out that this half of the brain has a more elevated role to play than is customarily believed .
25 It is simmered slowly after it has been soaked and is usually coated with breadcrumbs before it is sold .
26 A braille option is also supplied and is easily fitted if required .
27 It comes from a third-party source DG declines to identify and is already used in high-end sites .
28 The SNM withdrew and is now laying siege to Hargeisa and four other garrisons in the region .
29 Nowhere is this more apparent than where access to farmland is most easily accomplished and is least organized — in those rural areas which abut directly on to the main centres of the population : the so-called ‘ urban fringe ’ .
30 Our first incinerator which gives us control of our own medical waste disposal has been commissioned and is now operated by a separate Rentokil company Medical Services Incineration Ltd .
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