Example sentences of "[verb] [conj] [pron] [verb] the " in BNC.

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1 Well my mother was one of the pillars of the Palfrey church and er she er oh I went , my father never used to go , but she used to go and of course I , I used to be an altar server down there when I got a bit older I did for a week or two to the erm do you know anything about an Anglo-Catholic Church I mean where they swing the incense and there is this little boy with the boat ?
2 I mean where you buy the , the thing from you 'd think the seldom , the spares as you want them about every four months
3 But when she writes or herself , her tone is almost girlish : ‘ The romantic world seems to have supposed that I kissed the sculptor last week .
4 I suggest that we do the usual thing of passing that one round so that if anybody wants to read it they can read it .
5 Neither , I believe , are they so easy to train , and I suggest that they lack the brain power of the Norfolk .
6 Those aspects of the context which are directly reflected in the text , and which need to be called upon to interpret the text , we shall refer to as activated features of context and suggest that they constitute the contextual framework within which the topic is constituted , that is , the topic framework .
7 And I suggest that you use the vaporetti , which are very cheap — ’
8 And I suggest that you try the effect of giving the boy some support and encouragement .
9 I suggest that you take the opportunity to introduce yourself to who is Senior Waterkeeper at Gladhouse .
10 As for houses , I am not going to touch on their security here , but merely suggest that you contact the Crime Prevention Officer at your local police station .
11 We suggest that it enables the parents to pay a compliment to close friends by inviting them to be godparents .
12 Accounts of their trial suggest that it took the form of a political witch-hunt , with the intention of intimidating other critics of the government .
13 Our journeys on the whiteboard suggest that it holds the key to our concepts of beauty .
14 I like to think that Hume would agree , but some of his writings suggest that he underestimated the complexity and beauty of biological design .
15 I suggest that she wears the bracelet either above her elbow or round her ankle so that it does n't get entangled in her ribber .
16 I proposed that we fish the same swim , which was large enough to accommodate both of us without the risk of crossed lines .
17 In a surprise move , NEC Corp has approached Convex Computer Corp and proposed that it market the Convex C3 minisupercomputers in Japan to plug the gap below its own SX3 supercomputers .
18 Of course , we do n't know that they gave the police the same alibi , do we ? ’
19 Do n't let the boys know that they have the power to cause a rift between you and your husband .
20 In the simple model above each firm must know that the other 's costs are identical to its own , and must know that they have the same beliefs about the market demand function as well as in the credibility of the punishment that would result from a deviation .
21 Before opting , the landlord should know that it covers the whole land and buildings within its curtilage , buildings linked internally or by covered walkways , parades , precincts and other complexes divided into separate units ( Sch 6A , para 3(3) and ( 5 ) ) .
22 The accused must know that he has the prohibited article .
23 None is stated in the sub-section , but it is assumed that the accused must intend to use the article in the course of or in connection with the burglary , theft or cheat , and he must know that he has the article with him .
24 " I do n't know that I like the idea of you checking in bits of body and bloodstained clothes .
25 If I were experienced and sophisticated like Marise , he might get involved with me anyway , because he 'd know that I understood the game and would n't get hurt .
26 Dick , thank you for those kind words , er , specially about er my book , and I think I am considering appointing you as my agent er , you also said er that I 'd dr drawn the short straw indeed you er whispered to me that I was the sacrificial lamb this morning well we 'll see about that but I do know that I have the great honour to be invited to speak to congress this morning on behalf of the G M B parliamentary group .
27 It is at that stage in the design process that he has the greatest opportunity to explore , and the least number of constraints .
28 If hesitating between a peach and a pear you languidly inspect sniff and fondle the fruit before deciding for the pear , and eat it slowly with a look of bliss , no one who has left behind the absolutism of childhood ( ‘ Anyone can see that a peach is nicer than a pear ’ ) will doubt that you made the best possible choice between the flavours ; the rightness of the choice , and the objective fact that in the fullest awareness of the two flavours you were spontaneously moved to take the pear , are two sides of the same coin .
29 EMPLOYEES are reminded that they have the chance to take part in a special bone marrow register clinic .
30 ‘ You are reminded that I have the backing of the Chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council .
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