Example sentences of "[verb] [conj] [pron] [verb] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 While I was struggling to stop it , frost was formed where it struck my already cold hand .
2 Because of the way he was looking , his parted lips , his wondering eyes , she felt desire , a flicker of it , the first sign , the first time for months , a movement like a string being plucked where she thought her womb was .
3 I 've only ever seen part of it I mean where they get it rigged up and the hit man keeps coming back and he , he keeps seeing him and he 's , he 's walking round the place and
4 My flower — the one that I remember best out of many — was gathered where I said it had been .
5 So I set about a solution which has led to healthy plants which remain where I want them — despite being planted in very high flow undergravel filters .
6 colour this is not going to go where I want it to go .
7 well you do n't have to go where you give you one
8 Unless you hit the ball absolutely right , it is n't going to go where you want it to go .
9 Buying direct from the charity , or a charity-run shop , is the best way to make sure the money goes where you want it to .
10 It 's if it goes where you want it to that 's hard .
11 Where she met where she met him then ?
12 In addition , retinoic acid is insoluble in water and so would remain where we put it in the limb for some time ; this was important because we already knew that to exert its effect the grafted polarizing region needed more than 12 hours .
13 In fact I mean you can buy or I mean you 've got the record of erm how far back , you could invite all the existing , living parish councillors , so far as we could , and , and that , that would be , I think that would be fascinating .
14 Nigel had reasoned that , as most washing originated where one divested oneself of one 's dirty clothes and bed linen , i.e. the top floor , it was poor time-and-motion study to have the cleaning apparatus on the ground floor .
15 The patches can then be located where you want them among the preamp 's memory locations ( or programs ) , and then called up by a MIDI pedal .
16 He never found where she hid her food .
17 Have you ever put something of value in a ‘ safe place ’ , and then forgotten where you put it ?
18 Though Wallace was inclined to draw his line round some of the islands with a blacker and firmer pencil than are modern zoologists , nevertheless the Wallace Line still stands where he put it , as the division between the two regions .
19 I 'm just praying that we win it .
20 Newbon disclosed that he told his former managing director a couple of years ago : ‘ I could get Oxford United very cheaply , ’ — but his boss was n't interested .
21 ‘ I would not for a moment have it supposed that I mean anything derogatory to Dr. Yeats … but human nature is fallible .
22 The crowd gave a good send-off to the latter when he was substituted so I suppose he did well .
23 I suggest that we take them not only seriously but literally , since they represent the very root of the relationship around which the Sonnets are structured .
24 McAllion ) very seriously and I suggest that we debate them in a sensible manner .
25 It is likely that the Romans followed Alexandrian fashion in this respect , but surviving portraits of later date suggest that they retained their own conventions of representing character in facial features .
26 But before you leave I suggest that you make it your business to find out .
27 ‘ Then I suggest that you keep your tongue , unless you wish to render yourself liable to an action for slander . ’
28 ‘ I have to go out for an hour or so ; therefore I suggest that you acquaint yourself with the filing system and generally try to get the feel of the place .
29 Now I suggest that you get your things together .
30 It 's the last day of Week 2 and I suggest that you have your main meal at lunchtime again , so allowing more time to work it off before tomorrow 's assessment .
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