Example sentences of "[verb] [conj] [verb] [pron] the " in BNC.

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1 But he made one tell him and immediately he had explained or shown one the fallacy of one 's doubt .
2 But then the peasants surely should be able to choose to accept or reject what the Party is trying to instil in a way .
3 I found a medicine dropper and used that to feed it the milk they left me .
4 All I can do , Father Poole thought despairingly , is to try and give him the spiritual strength to resist such a temptation .
5 I asked erm Ian yesterday to try and give me the dates so I , I 'm , I expect him to come back to me today with some idea on that .
6 Ma'am , sir I should say , erm Mr makes certain comments about there are doubts about whether this scheme will go forward , we have been in contact with Department of Transport , again to try and give you the correct factual position .
7 The latter measure made it worthwhile for the Americans to try and do what the British had failed at , making British films which would go down well in America .
8 The rest of those in the room have to try and do what the leader does as fast as possible afterwards , but without making obvious who the leader is .
9 Erm perhaps I can turn the the question on its head and and I think the way the County Council 's looked at it , what would be the implications of not providing for the needs of North Yorkshire , and that 's I think the approach that we have taken in the first instance , is to try and determine what the needs of North Yorkshire are and to borrow a phrase from Professor Lock , in strategic terms to look at er try to achieve full employment in North Yorkshire .
10 ‘ I want you to try and remember everything the two of you said , right from the beginning .
11 I 'd like to try and define what the difference between and eating disorder and simply wanting to be a different shape or a different size is ?
12 ‘ I left lecturing to try and see what the big wide world had to offer , but things never worked out .
13 She told her story to an officer she did not know and gave him the number of the Bristol callbox .
14 When the men of the World Council of Churches in Geneva heard Arthur was at Caux they phoned him to come and tell them the truth about Rhodesia .
15 And they used to come and give us the pattern , what the butler got to lay on the table ; the tea-service would be the same pattern as the tablecloth was .
16 ‘ Yes , I wish to leave , and I want you to come and show us the place where those two corpses were found . ’
17 Mourning the death of his adopted daughter in the raid , Gaddafi was inviting the world to come and see what the Americans had done to him .
18 ‘ People are very welcome to come and see what the teachings are about without any obligation . ’
19 It is a nice feeling to be in a candy store but until you decide what you want and buy it the nice feeling does not turn into a nice taste .
20 The way to recovery lies in learning to place that blame where it belongs , to use the anger it arouses and to give yourself the praise you deserve just for surviving the abuse .
21 For after the rain came hail , to batter and crush what the water had left undamaged , and after the hail , snow , sudden freezing squalls that piled white drifts in every cranny and across every open space .
22 ‘ Let's just wait and see what the critics have to say , ’ Josh returned drily , but he was grinning broadly , clearly delighted .
23 If the NCVQ was too narrow in its concern with those skill-based qualifications which satisfied employers , the local manager could only wait and see what the final outcome would be between the force of BTEC ( arguing for greater breadth and balance ) and NCVQ .
24 why do n't you wait and see what the numbers are like and then you can always ring up a few people and say we 've got a space if you 'd like to come
25 If he came to me now and knelt and handed me the poker , I could n't hit him .
26 Erm , it it , it makes it very , very difficult to imagine how you 'll recover erm , but in the end it 's a personal decision to , to try to achieve self respect , to care for yourself better , to adopt good habits of nutrition and exercise , not dieting , cos diets are the biggest con trick of all and certainly , to rid your life of people who do n't respect and accept you the way you are .
27 It was the sound of voices shouting that woke me the next morning .
28 ‘ Trust yourself ’ she says and gave me the best gift in the universe , one hour of total relaxation . ’
29 Diggs came and told us the day he broke out . ’
30 They told me to stay there until they came and got me the following day — which I did n't .
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