Example sentences of "[verb] [adv] for a time " in BNC.

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1 In East Africa a gracile and a robust form of man–ape seem to have coincided and overlapped ecologically for a time — perhaps in a manner comparable to chimpanzees and gorillas in certain areas of their ranges today .
2 The enemy artillery had opened up , lobbing heated roundshot on to the ice , smashing it into a multitude of floes , upon which men perched perilously for a time before toppling off into the lake .
3 Yeah , hold on for a time , I 'll be with you in a minute .
4 Whereby the whole church family , broke up into groups for a period of education , and then came together for a time of celebration and worship .
5 There are indications that the mill was turned over for a time for saw milling , and possibly even cider production .
6 Nylon yarn was made there for a time along with Cellophane packaging film , carpets and circular knitted fabrics .
7 Besides these major product innovations , the eurobond market has seen a plethora of subsidiary innovations , many of which have been one off or flourished only for a time .
8 Press restrictions were imposed ( but quickly lifted ) and the weekly current affairs magazine Caretas was closed down for a time , commentators thereby inferring that the chief target of the coup was APRA .
9 Young Philip was employed there for a time before going abroad , taking over during his father 's trips into the country where some landowners Sought his practical advice , particularly with regard to establishing plantations of hitherto unknown trees from abroad .
10 They can only be set aside for a time .
11 The forces of Chaos are driven back for a time and a fragile peace descends on Ulthuan .
12 Yes , she worked here for a time . ’
13 " Did he die almost immediately , or is there any possibility that he could have walked about for a time , even locked the door and set the alarms ? "
14 Three of the four students not looking for employment and without plans to continue their studies would be travelling overseas for a time before commencing job search .
15 William Barnes , a distant Stanhope cousin , lived here for a time , but for most of its life it has been a farmhouse , which it remains .
16 Franz Kafka lived here for a time .
17 In time to come , will someone else walk these halls and remember the Wolfqueen who lived here for a time , but who brought the Cruithin out of hiding , and drove Medoc from the Bright Palace ?
18 Gone away for a time . ’
19 He struck out at them and soared upwards and they fell away for a time .
20 In order to defuse this rivalry , Dycarbas resolves that both sons should leave home for a time .
21 Depends on time you go out for a time
22 In 1839 Wellington persuaded him to resign from the Duchess of Kent 's household and go abroad for a time .
23 James would probably have been content to live quietly for a time but both Mary and Louis were insistent on immediate action and his chief remaining ally in the British Isles , Richard Talbot , Earl of Tyrconnel , Lord Deputy and Commander-in-Chief in Ireland , wrote urging him not to settle into comfortable inactivity in France when Ireland offered a kingdom of his own ‘ plentiful in all things for human life ’ .
24 But no matter ’ — his voice rose now — ‘ you 've got to go there for a time , anyway .
25 The 20mm and 40mm quick-firing guns here were in or on concrete emplacements , and although the crew of the outer guns were knocked out for a time the Germans got this battery firing again , and the searchlight on the Mole 's tip was never put out .
26 He was knocked out for a time .
27 I had once found two names scratched on one of the window-panes , ‘ perhaps two soldiers billeted here for a time at the beginning of the 1914 War … ’ ( or perhaps soldiers in hiding at the time of the Reformation ? )
28 ‘ I do n't think there 's anybody who 's worked here for a time who has n't at some time felt like crying , or who has n't actually cried or felt really down .
29 So , but we were able to stay there for a time .
30 Noguchi tried in vain to construct an earthwork sculpture at a Japanese-American internment camp where he lived voluntarily for a time during World War II .
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