Example sentences of "[noun] over the five years " in BNC.

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1 It expects the 78% share of desktops currently running by MS-DOS to fall to 29% by 1997 , the Apple Macintosh to retain a 10% share over the period , Windows to rise from last year 's 7% to 28% , Unix to grow from 4% to 10% , OS/2 to rise from 1% to 8% and Windows NT to grow from nowhere to 14% over the five years .
2 Table 6.2 summarizes major evaluation projects over the five years from 1982–87 .
3 In addition , savers can miss up to six monthly payments over the five years provided they are made up in the months immediately following the five-year term .
4 The Defence Department also proposed a possible reduction to a level of 150,000 of US troops stationed in Europe over the five years to 1995 , provided that the Warsaw Pact reciprocated and on the assumption that the Soviet Union could no longer depend upon its Warsaw Pact allies to support any military action it may take .
5 Increases in value included 403% for the European Fund and 268% for the Global Leisure Fund over the five years .
6 For example , Britain received $3.2billion of the $12.8billion Marshall money — worth just over 7 per cent of all our imports of goods and services over the five years .
7 The leading EEC country in expenditure over the five years 1974–1978 was France followed by Germany and Italy with UK a poor fourth .
8 Supporters of official forecasts say the 1982–86 recovery saw an average annual growth rate of 3 per cent — not far removed from the 3.1 per cent average implied by the Treasury over the five years to 1996–97 .
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