Example sentences of "[noun] just [verb] to [be] " in BNC.

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1 The auto industry just happened to be a convenient sector in which to show his determination to change ( Doner , 1987 ; Oman , 1989 : pp. 164–166 ) .
2 ‘ It was a timebomb just waiting to be ignited , ’ said a source .
3 McInally 's agent just happens to be Denis Roache .
4 I think Alone In the Dark just happens to be one of those games .
5 Earthworms are the main item in a badger 's diet and cow grazing pastures just happen to be a good source of earthworms .
6 But it is a ready-made blueprint for inequality just waiting to be copied by other reactionary governments .
7 Very often , these mutually unintelligible and exclusive ethnic cultures just happen to be the same as the groups which common sense tells us are ‘ races ’ .
8 The mountains hang everywhere , big vertical peaks just waiting to be climbed .
9 Well it 's , the shirt just seems to be too fine for it .
10 ‘ This lady just wants to be in touch , ’ says Lorraine .
11 You see sometimes Boy , like all of us , sometimes Boy just wanted to be taken care of without having done anything to deserve it .
12 That pretty girl just had to be Gaynor Summer 's sister , and , sure enough , that was where she went .
13 Situation : This is not really a role play , because both A and B just have to be themselves and tell the truth .
14 ‘ A sport just has to be a bit flexible . ’
15 I 've got a ceiling just waiting to be painted . ’
16 ‘ Willy Thorne , for example took part in a ProAm game at Alsager and insisted that one of the three charities who were to receive donations just had to be the Rainbow Trust and that meant £1,400 cheque .
17 Water itself is , of course , a combined source of oxygen just waiting to be liberated via the breakdown of water vapour through photosynthesis .
18 Being born and bred in Ludlow , my favourite team just has to be
19 I wanted to ‘ do ’ someone I knew a little , but when I approached my number one seed , he served me up Roy as a better choice ( Roy just happened to be on holiday so not able to comment ) .
20 Russia was full of resources just waiting to be exploited , and yet if the system did not change , it would be foreign investors that would profit from them .
21 If she was going to qualify for Wembley , she was going to have to do it on her own and Midnight just had to be good enough .
22 Refrigeration was in its infancy , so that perishable goods just had to be sold which meant that prices were gradually reduced in the hour or so before closing time .
23 He 's a good-looking man , and the smile just happens to be part of the job .
24 I tried a pink old lady with the future of the universe mapped on her face with linear symbols just waiting to be decoded by anyone who had the wisdom and the patience to want to do so .
25 A day 's golf with the president of this company or that company when the fellow who makes up the four and plays with the president of the corporation just happens to be last year 's Masters Champion .
26 Some people just want to be told what to eat .
27 The puppet is an exhibit at a cartoon gallery in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford and the real Mr Heseltine just happened to be passing through .
28 That game just happens to be the Tennent 's Irish Senior Cup semi-final against Avoca .
29 Pilkington disliked the impression conveyed that these friendly personalities just happened to be recommending products as though they were disinterested parties .
30 Nestling off the east coast of Thailand , the island offers 247 square kilometres of forested hills , deserted coves and wide , sandy beaches just waiting to be enjoyed .
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