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1 Other preparations recommended for minor burns include Nelson 's Burn Ointment and Pakua , a wonderful preparation which aids healing in all sorts of injuries where the skin is damaged .
2 Pleased , that is , until I discovered that I had forgotten to bring the tea bags — the subsequent ‘ Well , why did n't you bring them then 's , ‘ Why is it always my fault 's reminded me of the Quentin Crisp line that marriage was impossible for him because he could not have tolerated an endless succession of mornings when the first words he heard were , ‘ And another thing ’ — and that there were no birds .
3 These medical investigations hardly ever revealed any physical or mental abnormality and if the bed-wetter continued thereafter to deplete the quartermaster 's stock of blankets then the British Army had no answer to this situation other than to discharge him honourably from the service without a stain on his character , whatever there might be on his bedclothes .
4 This was another futile pretension of formality , since anyone wanting to buy from Nana 's small , dusty stock of essentials when the window was shuttered simply wandered into the yard and called for attention .
5 Formal objections are not invited at this consultation stage as a further period will be allowed for the submission of objections when the proposals are formally advertised .
6 Could we put on the agenda for a future meeting something called review of guidelines where the , this is exactly the issue .
7 ‘ No action of damages where the damages claimed consist of or include damages … in respect of personal injuries to any person shall be brought in Scotland against any person unless it is commenced … before the expiration of three years from the date of the act , neglect or default giving rise to the action …
8 Pupils will be encouraged to use printed lists of keywords when the system is fully operational , One difficulty here is to create keys for subjects which begin with the same first three letters e.g. FARMING and FAROES but the school librarian sees this as a useful information problem for pupils to tackle .
9 All too often the change of conditions when the sale is made and the fish is taken home , is all that is needed finally to send the unfortunate creature to that great big goldfish bowl in the sky .
10 Easy to defend , with its walls still existing , and the two rivers , and of course , with resources , with fuel and war effort , and the kind of buildings where the king could form a court .
11 The articles in this book demonstrate in a variety of ways where the bias occurs and how it might be redressed .
12 This is analogous to the complexity of computers where the signals are essentially noughts and ones but the response depends on previous events .
13 This last proposition is based on experience of systems where the intervention requires complex manipulative activity , for example a surgeon dealing with an emergency during an operation or an aircraft pilot taking over manually .
14 Anybody who has been involved in community organising will have experience of situations where the ( actual or perceived ) formality of the meeting has restricted participation by people who may be active and vociferous before and/or after the meeting .
15 The affair provoked a deep division of views when the case reached the Law Lords in July 1987 .
16 It is difficult to assess market value particularly in relation to goodwill ; much time can be spent in arguing about the measure of damages when the parties ought to simply concentrate on establishing whether or not the breach occurred .
17 On Nov. 9 , FIS leaders threatened " to reject dialogue " with the government , accusing it of hindering the work of councils where the FIS had won a majority of seats in the June municipal elections [ see pp. 37549-50 ] .
18 ( iii ) In the context of their own writing and reading , pupils should be helped to recognise that words with related meanings may have related spellings and that this can sometimes be an aid in the spelling of words where the sound alone does not provide sufficient information .
19 The resulting public pressure led the government in 1985 to remove the right to compensation , as it applies to blocks of flats where the proposal is for an increase in the number of dwelling units ( not for an increase in height ) .
20 I took the train to Fontainbleau , and to Versailles , and saw there the famous Hall of Mirrors where the notorious Treaty was signed which set Germany on the path to Hitler 's domination and the Second World War .
21 Giving added sophistication to a range of kitchens where the emphasis is on quality , the turned wood spindles , galleried shelves , a dresser with bevelled glass doors , and the intricate touch of fretwork that can be seen in the photograph , are all features that make these two ranges very special indeed .
22 When work is complete on a range of entries only the text of the latest version of a new or changed entry is transferred to the main archive .
23 Then we have a range of measurements where the conflict control systems of animals are not able to work properly ; for example , where the animal wants to do something but can not , or is frustrated .
24 The degradation of many soils such as those in East Anglia , England , to the extent that they are scarcely more than a physical retention medium for chemical fertiliser and moisture ( Kirkby 1980 ) , does not have the same social and economic impact as degradation of soils where the land users do not have , and may be predicted not to have in the future , the resources to make good the degradation by the application of massive doses of fertiliser ( see also Heathcote 1980 , Rennie 1982 ) .
25 That is a sure way to develop an adult with a strongly manipulative personality , which can arouse devastatingly negative reactions in the lives of others when the child comes of age .
26 Merchanting er , is the buying and selling of materials not the production of materials , and erm , I was probably the first person from this area , in the leather trade , to go to China and we started to do quite a large business with China , so that immediately I was on my own , the first big operation I took was to go to China and make very substantial purchases of pigskin leather .
27 Perhaps the most striking difference between the northern and southern islands is in the distribution of mountains where the high series of peaks ( averaging 550 m above sea level ) of north Harris and south Lewis have no equivalent elsewhere .
28 The studies led to the revelation of reasons why the programme was less successful than it might have been .
29 This book is particularly useful as a reminder of areas where the reader may have become rusty , and as an update of the very good ongoing R&D work in the field of corrosion inhibition .
30 Outdoors , on all kinds of surfaces where the lines can be abraded as they are dragged , in a range of temperatures and exposed to ultra-violet rays , and often made wet from dew in the grass , all the lab tests become suspect .
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