Example sentences of "[noun] of [noun] then the " in BNC.

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1 There is no need for the history department to teach the skill before using census materials if the mathematics department has already done so but even more importantly if the historians need to know how to do this at an earlier stage than the mathematics department would teach this skill in their programme of study then the historians must negotiate this with their colleagues in the best interests of the children .
2 These medical investigations hardly ever revealed any physical or mental abnormality and if the bed-wetter continued thereafter to deplete the quartermaster 's stock of blankets then the British Army had no answer to this situation other than to discharge him honourably from the service without a stain on his character , whatever there might be on his bedclothes .
3 His Lordship added that where the presumptions created a result which was contrary to the intention of Parliament then the presumptions had to give way .
4 respectively , within this volume M is defined as the inverse of L. Then the tensors are defined as the weighted averages of the tensors of each phase r : thus where is the volume concentration of phase r ( that is ) and , by analogy with the isotropic case discussed earlier on p. 115 , are concentration factor tensors such that and where I is the unit tensor .
5 If they can not be protected by the law from this kind of material then the law should be tightened up .
6 If the Earth were to be moved today into the orbit of Venus then the ice caps would melt , the oceans would start to evaporate , the carbonate rocks would begin to yield up CO 2 , and various other surface reservoirs would begin to lose volatiles .
7 There are more living arthropod species than all other phyla combined ; if diversity is a measure of success then the arthropods are the easy winners .
8 Thus , we find that if certain facts must exist before the exercise of judgment then the court will examine whether those facts exist , whether a decision was made upon a proper self direction as to those facts , and whether irrelevant facts were taken into account .
9 If space A can extend beyond the excursions of B then the contact state becomes : Up to nine zone states , one being two zeros and one non-zero none being three zeros with one excursion stale .
10 If a reasonable man would believe that there was a real likelihood of bias then the decision is overturned ; surmise or conjecture is insufficient .
11 A few spurts of milk then the thing was at the teat end again , a pinkish-white object peeping through the orifice .
12 But if the Devil has no reality or active role in the divine drama of salvation then the vision of the Great Battle is lost .
13 But if we asked about the history of the appearance of characters then the answer is ‘ yes ’ .
14 For example , on the Earth water in hydroxyl form occurs in clays , and if similar clays were exposed on the surface of Venus then the abundance of water in the atmosphere would be roughly that observed .
15 ( b ) That if the effect of the proviso were to impose a restraint of trade then the consequence was that not only the proviso but also the whole of the paragraph to which the proviso related and which contained the stipulation that post-termination commission would be paid was void .
16 Put simply , once we move away from the commencement theory of jurisdiction then the rationale for saying that absence of evidence does not constitute a jurisdictional defect simply disappears .
17 If the age of 65 + was adopted as the definition of geriatrics then the NHS should be renamed the National Geriatric Medicine Service .
18 If those who beneficially own shares are the same in number and identity as the principals in the unincorporated firm of solicitors then the firm and the recognised body will normally be treated as one practice for the purpose of the Indemnity Rules ; i.e. only one contribution , based on one gross fee return , will be payable .
19 If the Moon also lost most of its craters from the final stages of formation then the apparent failure on Mercury of post-formation bombardment to saturate the intercrater plains may seem to indicate that Mercury was exposed to a less numerous population of small bodies than the Moon .
20 If they depart in a state of gloom then the chances of improvement are cut by at least half .
21 When we are in a state of disease then the smooth calm surface is disrupted by ripples ( or even waves ! ) spreading out from the site of disturbance .
22 If the service company were allowed to generate profit of £35,000 then the 15% tax saving would be approximately £5,250 .
23 If the acceleration of a system occurs over a small number of steps then the phase excitation timings can be generated by digital integrated circuits .
24 If you have very few batteries then its range is limited , if you have a lot of batteries then the weight of the load is too great , so much work and research is being devoted at the moment to the development of alternative batteries .
25 In constructing a scheme of work then the selection of content must be closely related to a judgement on the depth of coverage to be attempted .
26 And if self aware role modelling in medicine were to include a declared abstention from all the quiet words , phone calls , and fixings of the present highly selective mechanisms of patronage then the expectations of medical students and junior doctors , especially women and those from ethnic minorities , could be transformed , perhaps within only a generation or two .
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