Example sentences of "[noun] and [noun] over the " in BNC.

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1 ICL also now generates about half its revenues from higher margin non-hardware sales , and expects this to increase to between 55% and 60% over the next few years .
2 ICL also now generates about half its revenues from higher margin non-hardware sales , and expects this to increase to between 55% and 60% over the next few years .
3 Husbands and wives over the age of sixty were not compelled to live apart in the workhouse .
4 The home fans were relieved to see the rebound strike defender Kay and cannon over the crossbar .
5 ‘ We have invested a lot of money in people , offices and warehousing over the last two years ; and this will only show through in the company 's profits in 1994–95 . ’
6 GOVERNMENT spending cuts in the fight against AIDS and complacency over the risk to the general public could make an epidemic among heterosexuals more likely , a leading expert warned yesterday .
7 Expenses cashier Fiona Smith has been collecting the small change when people have returned from overseas business trips and holidays over the last six months .
8 The interior , built of large blocks of reddish stone , is wide and spacious , its nave covered by two plastered domes and others over the crossing and one transept ( while a barrel vault covers the other ) .
9 The Department of Health has given the boards £60 a head to train 23 000 eligible HVs and DNs over the next two years .
10 We are being faced with ten million pounds worth of cuts in research and development over the next three years , so anything what this Government comes up with does n't surprise me , but I am a little bit devastated .
11 We prove it to them by demonstrating that the money we need for research and investment over the next few years is in place .
12 There is general agreement between leaders of the LDP and business over the need to reduce state spending so that taxes can be lowered to allow private initiative to flourish .
13 A crisp voice informed him that the arrangement between Chemical and Virgin over the financing of Virgin 's aircraft was to be terminated forthwith , and the aircraft given back to Boeing .
14 They have been pioneered in this country , the United States and Australia over the last few years mainly by individual schools and by some local education authorities .
15 Louis 's aim was twofold : first , to cope with the tensions that had arisen from the implementation of ecclesiastical reforms , for instance by sending out missi to settle disputes between clergy and laymen over the appropriation of tithes ; and second , to tighten control of local government , for instance , by asking missi to draw up lists of all those liable for military service in each county .
16 The state of the market can be ascertained by visiting a number of shops and auctions over the period of a few weeks , and carefully noting the prices .
17 Fortunately , telecommunication technology is developing almost as fast as silicon chip technology and is expected to be able to meet the demands that will be made on it by computers and microelectronics over the next few years .
18 Todd reckons that Christie can gross between £1 and £4million over the next four years .
19 The spectacular achievements of technology have dazzled people into awe at the marvels of human inventiveness and mastery over the natural world ; as well as promoting an unprecedented emphasis on mechanical and organizational efficiency .
20 We think that it conserves services , that it has searched out the vast majority of efficiencies that we can find within this council and that it does n't pass on to the poll tax , council tax payers the fruits , I mean it does pass on the poll tax or council tax payers the fruits of how we have achieved savings and efficiencies over the last couple of years .
21 The chamber will not , however , deal with two cases " out of a total of 11 pending " which are the subject of appeals made prior to its constitution : the question of compensation for Nauru for the effects of phosphate exploitation before its independence from Australia [ see separate item in this issue ] , and the dispute between Hungary and Slovakia over the Gabcikovo dam [ see EDs passim ] .
22 Tension between Hungary and Czechoslovakia over the Gabcikovo hydro-electric dam project increased during February , as Czechoslovakia prepared to resume work on the project , contrary to Hungarian wishes .
23 The controversy between Hungary and Czechoslovakia over the proposed dam on the Danube at Gabcikovo [ see ED 56 ] has intensified , with Hungary abrogating the 1977 treaty between the two countries under which the dam was originally planned .
24 Now , certainly , there is scope for cooperation and agreement between industry and government over the essential pre-conditions for a successful national industrial base .
25 When he came back he was carrying the calf , his arms encompassing all four legs , so the hooves came together in a bunch , with the rump and tail protruding over one forearm and the shoulders and chest over the other .
26 Thank you for your many cards , gifts and wishes , as well as your friendship and encouragement over the past five years .
27 Thick white clouds raced across the blue sky , casting a perpetual kaleidoscope of light and shade over the earth .
28 A fascinating and challenging work , by internationally renowned Marxist historian E. J. Hobsbawm , tracing the history of nations and nationalism over the last two centuries and dispelling much of the myth that surrounds modern nationalism .
29 And would such negligence have taken both horse and rider over the cliffs edge ?
30 And the thousands going to sports stadiums , restaurants and theatres over the weekend need to keep alert .
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