Example sentences of "[noun] from [noun] over the " in BNC.

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1 Hepper Robinson in Middlesbrough is run by two managers , Alan and Stephen Brown , who are due to receive details of the MBO deal from RE over the weekend .
2 Written parliamentary replies on Jan. 18 , Feb. 15 and June 28 , 1990 , stated that ( i ) net proceeds from privatization over the seven years from April 1983 amounted to some £26,000 million ; ( ii ) net proceeds from privatization in 1989-90 were most recently estimated at £4,250 million , and ( iii ) approximately 11,000,000 people owned shares .
3 It is interesting to note a shortening of the working distances at the Clyde end of the rampart : the menace from attackers over the Kilpatrick Hills was such that working parties had to keep protectively closer together .
4 Whereas the nineteenth-century state concerned itself with the common affairs of all capital owners , the growth of giant industrial corporations and of large financial combines has now led to the almost complete exclusion of other capitalist fractions from influence over the state .
5 There were 26 thefts from vehicles over the last week including the theft of a bag , cash , ring , jewellery and driving licence .
6 Mr Justice Latham later told the jury the prosecution had received new evidence from doctors over the weekend which had to be considered and the trial would be delayed .
7 Privately British officials believe Mr Patten will now have to endure a barrage of criticism from China over the next few weeks , following Prime Minister Li Peng 's report to the 8th National Party Congress next Monday at which he is expected to lambast the colonial administration for trying to subvert China with western-style democracy .
8 The branch secretary , Kathleen McAlorum , a Motherwell district councillor , said that an emergency meeting of the branch executive had been called last Sunday after complaints and threats of resignation from members over the deal for representation on the European committee of the regions .
9 It must be all or nothing , ’ he declared , appealing to the American people from Korea over the President 's head .
10 The ancient sandstone bridge at Bangor-on-Dee carries one-way traffic from Wrexham over the river and into the village but it has weathered badly in recent years possibly because of attack by acid rain .
11 It follows a very sensible line which makes good use of the existing paths along Dere Street and the Minchmoor , the drove road from Peebles over the Cauldstane Slap to the Lothian plain , the towpaths of the Union and the Forth-Clyde canals , and the Antonine Wall .
12 Predictions on the basis of the Met Office model suggest that an additional 400 million people would become at risk from hunger over the next 50 years .
13 The route crosses through agricultural land minimising land severance where possible , and is carried on embankment from Straiton over the Mineral Railway and Lasswade Road .
14 Despite assurances from advisers over the confidentiality of information presented in the self-appraisal , it seems that most staff were unwilling to produce anything more than a public type of document , providing little more than factual information .
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