Example sentences of "[noun] from [noun] [prep] the " in BNC.

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1 ( We stress that ‘ isolation ’ in this context implies isolation from time-cues in the environment rather than sensory deprivation . )
2 Research has consistently demonstrated that the transfer of older clients from hospital to the community can be very problematic with older people being sent home without adequate arrangements having been made for their continuing care ( Victor 1983 ) .
3 This practice involves fund managers switching securities between accounts to shield favoured clients from losses to the detriment of others .
4 Representatives of indigenous peoples from rainforests across the world , meeting in Penang , Malaysia , have agreed to form a global alliance to further their struggle against threats to their homelands .
5 Notional regions without definitive boundaries are used for the purposes of economic development , and our regions get aid from Europe without the need for a formal structure .
6 He tucked himself into a tight ball , and , at the last moment , rolled on to his side from terror of the rocks beneath the surface .
7 Even though companies ' actions are the result of a substantial contribution of views from many people it is surprising how often one can predict the competitive gambits from knowledge of the characteristics and prejudices of the leader .
8 But it will be Friday morning before the the screen of national opinion is drawn back and she discovers whether it is John from Huntingdon or Neil from Islwyn on the other side .
9 The route : a complete crossing of the French Pyrenees from Hendaye-Plage on the Atlantic to Banyuls-Sur-Mer on the Mediterranean .
10 It will benefit from the feedback from experience with the development of the earlier series and with the operation of the 900-MWe units .
11 The proposal document includes examples of documents received " as feedback from members of the library committee on the curriculum needs of their departments " ( Proposal document , Appendix I ) .
12 Feedback from parents on the arrangements of previous parent 's evenings needs to be considered as well as suggestions from staff for improvements .
13 Early feedback from bankers at the 90-minute City meeting is that the plan , which involves splitting debt into two categories , was ‘ greeted respectfully ’ .
14 On occasions museums will appreciate feedback from teachers about the results of the visit .
15 First sketches of the TOM were shown through the television networks and negative feedback from viewers in the West of Scotland jammed consumer response computers in Brussels .
16 Assessing and monitoring quality in health care will therefore require continuous interaction and feedback from users of the services at all stages of service design and delivery .
17 Over the past year , SCOTVEC has actively sought feedback from centres on the design of the first phase of general SVQs .
18 In addition there will be compositional convection from crystals at the floor .
19 Receiving a recommendation from North before the Tehran trip that he should arrange a meeting with ‘ RR , Shultz and Weinberger ’ , Poindexter tapped back testily : ‘ I do n't want a meeting with RR , Shultz and Weinberger . ’
20 This detects signals from radars on the ground that may be aiming missiles or guns at the approaching aircraft .
21 Growing concern about passive smoking and recent signals from organisations like the Health and Safety Executive and Lothian Health Board have pointed the way for employers to take positive action to protect non-smokers whilst at work in enclosed areas .
22 The SPLA claimed that the Bright Star campaign forces had captured the garrison town of Kajo Kaji , on the White Nile , 100 km south of Juba , on Jan. 6 , after destroying an armoured column sent to relieve the town ; Kaya garrison , to the west of Kajo Kaji , reportedly fell on Jan. 14 , and on Jan. 28 the SPLA claimed to have captured the town of Yei , on the main road south-west from Juba to the frontier with Zaïre .
23 At the same time , there has also been a sometimes quite heated public debate about the impacts of inward investment from Japan within the European Community and North America .
24 One important corollary of the decision that obscene material must have more serious effects than arousing feelings of revulsion is the doctrine that material which in fact shocks and disgusts may not be obscene , because its effect is to discourage readers from indulgence in the immorality so unseductively portrayed .
25 In the north , Charlemagne 's empire covered Slovenia — the land of the Slovenes — the mid-Sava valley and the northern Adriatic coast from Istria to the neighbourhood of Šibenik .
26 In 1419 Stephen Ostojić , King of Bosnia , made a grant of land to the south , which took in the fertile Konavli valley , which runs parallel to the coast from Cavtat to the Gulf of Kotor .
27 For a time it probably controlled the Adriatic coast from Rijeka to the Neretva and extended inland to the Hungarian border north of Zagreb and to the Drina valley in the south , where it faced the Byzantine empire and the Serbian principality of Raška .
28 In A.D. 409 it was established at Ravenna and this area of the Adriatic coast from Ancona to the Istrian peninsula — designated the Ravennate — became the connecting link between Constantinople and the western half of its empire .
29 25–8 A party of young and old people came to Port Ellen from Ardbeg for the day knowing that they should return on the " Islay " on its way to Port Askaig .
30 The loss of revenue from areas of the country affected by civil unrest had also contributed to the deficit .
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