Example sentences of "[noun] that [pron] [verb] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 Brucan 's reference to the benefits of abandoning the ‘ idiocy of rural life ’ was the typical presumption of a Marxist intellectual that he knew what was best for the benighted peasant .
2 As has been suggested , it was particularly the perceived threat to the importance of organised religion that they represented which galvanized Mrs Whitehouse and others into action .
3 Tallis was prompted by this insult into an action that she knew she would regret .
4 Saint Basil was so enchanted by this selfless action that he concluded his comments with the words ‘ If things seen are so lovely , what must things unseen be ? ’
5 The Russian official recently so upset his domestic association that they suspended him for two months , although UEFA insist : ‘ He 's still one of the best referees in Europe and the right man for the job . ’
6 The Russian official recently so upset his domestic association that they suspended him for two months , although UEFA insist : ‘ He 's still one of the best referees in Europe and the right man for the job . ’
7 I did n't want John thinking that I said he would get her one .
8 This is because this was the dead stock that we sent him .
9 So I make no apologies for beginning this book in the way that a conjurer might , by giving you an apparently free choice from the pack while in fact forcing on you the particular card that I want you to take .
10 An Amex gold card that I suspect he ca n't use .
11 He said it with such heartfelt force that I believed him .
12 Among them , the suggestion that during surgery her head was n't properly supported , or that a surgical hammer used in the operation was applied with so much force that it damaged her spinal cord .
13 The Church appeared no longer to be the guiding force that she believed it once had been , and felt it ought still to be .
14 ‘ It was n't until he produced the ring that I took him seriously . ’
15 I would n't mind betting that Bill 's lists that you gave him actually contained all these things and only then can we actually put them down in order .
16 After James II 's death , and during the reign of Anne , Jacobites usually claimed that James Francis Stuart was the rightful heir to the throne , who should succeed his sister : it was not until after the Hanoverian succession that we find him being hailed as James III .
17 In a letter addressed ‘ Dear Boris ’ and signed ‘ Yours John ’ Mr Major told the Russian president that he supported his emphasis on ‘ controlling inflation , completing land reform and helping … businesses ’ .
18 His reply was so matter-of-fact , so lacking in emotion that she found it hard to believe .
19 Because they , too , have a special relationship with a child 's mother — with its own areas of physical and emotional exclusivity — children have to give up the illusion that they own their mother , and so they must learn to share .
20 Though it has to be said , he wrote , and Goldberg , his eye racing down the page covered in his friend 's tiny handwriting , paused to sip from the glass of fresh orange-juice at his side , wiped his forehead and went on typing , it has to be said that I have occasionally had the illusion that I knew what step to take first and even , occasionally , what step to take second , I will not talk about a third .
21 It was only when I got home and looked up the dictionary that I realised what a gem it had been .
22 In this sense , the definition of standards and routines can be seen as a defensive process : the housewife is defending herself against the allegation that she does nothing at all .
23 Er , would be ready for this Wednesday , but I said it 'll probably be Saturday that we pick it up .
24 Lt John Garrett , commanding officer of the Walton on the Naze Sea Cadet unit , said : ‘ The yacht Rebel has always provided an excellent training opportunity for Walton cadets and we too share the sadness and sense of loss that we know our friends and colleagues will be feeling . ’
25 John , of Pontypridd , Mid Glamorgan , said yesterday : ‘ It was n't until I came to pay for a car at the auction that I realised what I 'd done .
26 At Billy Graham 's 1961 Maine Road Stadium Crusade , low-level , multi-speaker systems meant that music from choir and instruments was travelling around the stadium electronically and then being ‘ chased ’ by the real sound , with the result that everyone heard everything at least twice .
27 Retrenchment will be the order of the day , with the result that we achieve what we have planned for .
28 One evening as I was nearing Farr 's entrance , I was running , tripped , with the result that I banged my head on the pavement .
29 Advanced age had by now somewhat mellowed my mother , with the result that I enjoyed my visits to the palace , for when the subject was other than myself she could be stimulating and amusing company .
30 We were expected to follow the lessons in our Bibles , with the result that I knew my way about the Bible very competently .
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