Example sentences of "[noun] that [pron] give [pron] " in BNC.

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1 I would n't mind betting that Bill 's lists that you gave him actually contained all these things and only then can we actually put them down in order .
2 I understand the reply that you gave my Hon. Friend the Member for Walsall , North ( Mr. Winnick ) , but is it not possible to ask the Leader of the House , who is present , when we will have a statement about Mr. Rushdie and the ayatollah 's decision ?
3 ‘ Bear in mind that I gave my evidence after Blissett had been charged by the FA for a serious breach of the laws of the game — and the experienced commission of inquiry , which conducted a rigorous investigation into the incident , cleared him .
4 right , and I look over to Roger and Roger 's flicking through his notes like this and as you , you were peeping through and he 's trying to find out what , what he 's talking about , they 're not looking at each other and anyway at the end of it , er we went through it and at the end of it he turned round and went how was it , what were you playing at , what was that spiel that you gave it 's in my brief , that 's one of my objections
5 Ricky was so furious with Perdita for deliberately sabotaging her scholarship that he gave her the sack .
6 It 's not B T , it used to be B T , erm until about 1984 , when we decided that the maintenance that they gave us was n't good enough , and got Plessey in .
7 Just not going away , even the tablets that you gave me , they was n't even taking it away , it , away like .
8 And I thought er and er I had wee tablets that you gave me a while ago , Brusdeximit
9 Chuck 's parents have some pride and care about the upbringing that they give their child(ren) showing that it is Bob 's character that it as fault and that his attitude can not be blamed on his economical situation .
10 I thank the Minister for delivering every one of the pledges that he gave us in Committee .
11 So it 's a very great honour and privilege for me to address you today because at the end it may be difficult for you to understand but when I return to South Africa , and forgive me for speaking personally I also realize the full meaning of the support of British trade unions and the labour movement and the churches because it was because of your political material and particularly in the case of the G M B , financial and material support that it gave us the means to do what some of us wanted to do about our country and our situation , and bring about change if we could peacefully .
12 Out of the money that we gave them .
13 I am very grateful for the opportunity that you gave me to speak to the NFU Branch Committee on Thursday last .
14 It was widely said that he had long resented the Shah 's great oil wealth and the independence that it gave him .
15 I can give the hon. Gentleman the undertaking — it is of the sort that I gave him in Committee — that I believe that many things should be done with the extra resources that we shall have , and in the context of administrative matters the care of records is relevant .
16 He feasted for months , for years , on a small pair of my slippers that I gave him ; I expect he has burnt them by now .
17 It 's only when I 'm writing an article that I give it its proper name !
18 The meaning that they gave it should send cold shivers down the spine of any parent : fully a half thought that it was an instruction to cross the road , and half of these thought that it was showing you how to do it — by running !
19 I think that day that they gave me a lift home .
20 No , not the stuff that you gave her anyway .
21 That is what the greenbelt is actually there for , and if you have it there for that purpose , as I said yesterday , the necessary corollary is that you have additional provision beyond it , and I ca n't resist to offer Mr Wincup some support , I 'm sure one piece of evidence that he gave you about the letter from the Parish Council , he 's probably already replied to that Parish Council saying , as you 're in the York greenbelt have no fear , all the Selby needs will pass straight across your heads and land somewhere else .
22 But you can see that er for someone who has no , a wife who has no income and her husband 's paying twenty five percent or forty percent then by moving a , say er twenty thousand at erm well er whatever percentage to fill up these allowances er if you 're getting ten thousand or twenty thousand put , put it into the wife 's name that they give us the interest is then hers , if she has no other income it neatly can be swallowed up by the allowance .
23 Anyway , there is no hint that he gave her any encouragement at all .
24 A piece of paper that they give you which tells us what .
25 I was reading in the , in er , in that paper that you give us , you know , I was reading soaps and that
26 She thinks it 's those gloves that she gave you , keeping you warm . ’
27 one or two members who are resident in St Albans did ask me about their position on item two St Albans Transport Study er the advice that I gave them was that unless they er did which is likely to be affected by any identifiable schemes in the study they do not have a need to declare either a pecuniary or a non-pecuniary interest .
28 Well I understand that you get fifteen , it 's just that I 've got a lot of customer where I got business that is depending on the kind of insurance that we give them , based on what our
29 Do n't worry if you ca n't do it if you ca n't any of these any of these exercises that I give you by the way it 's not like homework it 's just for you to play with them to get the do them at your own pace .
30 So that there 's a kind of assessment built in there … but that piece of work goes forward in the end and is more , slightly more , formally assessed in the sense that we give them direct feedback on performance , and that runs from technical notes , director 's notes , to a very much more abstract formal assessment , which is essentially subjective , ‘ How does one feel about this piece , the atmosphere it creates ’ , … and that 's quite different from director 's notes , which can be of a technical variety to do with voice , movement , audibility , characterization , anything ; the things that are actually being described , analysed , looked at in the end …
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