Example sentences of "[noun] be only begin [to-vb] " in BNC.

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1 The larger organisations are only beginning to wake up .
2 The UK is only beginning to realise the potential of partnerships ; education has been shy to join hands with business and vice versa , but it has to happen .
3 The tournament in the early twelfth century was a mock battle little different from the real thing : the highly organized jousting which we usually associate with such an event was only beginning to develop .
4 The Commission was only beginning to get into its stride in 1970 when a new government was returned which was pledged to the abolition of the commission on the grounds that it ‘ had no place in a free society ’ .
5 If the fish is to be saved , the abstraction will have to be cut back significantly , at a time when the state is only beginning to emerge from seven years of drought .
6 Though fever and diarrhoea still linger as killing diseases in parts of southern and south-eastern Europe , and malaria was only beginning to give way before D.D.T. in 1945 these diseases now linger on only in backward districts .
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