Example sentences of "[noun] [prep] [noun] [adv] the " in BNC.

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1 provide opportunity for catharsis ie. the release of hostile feelings etc that have been , or may be , repressed otherwise .
2 The seller will replace free of charge any goods proved to the Seller 's satisfaction to have been damaged in transit provided that within 24 hours after delivery both the Seller and the carriers have received from the Purchaser notification in writing of the occurrence of the damage and also , if and so far as practicable , of its nature and extent .
3 Jackson lived up to Christie 's description of him as ‘ pound for pound perhaps the best athlete in the world ’ as he scorched to victory in the Heysel Stadium in 12.99 secs the seventh fastest of all-time .
4 Whilst a number of considerations may limit the resort to force majeure , there is a sufficiency of means once the will to use them is present .
5 There is no need for the history department to teach the skill before using census materials if the mathematics department has already done so but even more importantly if the historians need to know how to do this at an earlier stage than the mathematics department would teach this skill in their programme of study then the historians must negotiate this with their colleagues in the best interests of the children .
6 These medical investigations hardly ever revealed any physical or mental abnormality and if the bed-wetter continued thereafter to deplete the quartermaster 's stock of blankets then the British Army had no answer to this situation other than to discharge him honourably from the service without a stain on his character , whatever there might be on his bedclothes .
7 His Lordship added that where the presumptions created a result which was contrary to the intention of Parliament then the presumptions had to give way .
8 In another piece of coincidence even the helium traces were explained ; they had nothing to do with hydrogen fusion.l
9 It was a gargantuan task : each year a piece of woodland approximately the size of a tennis court was brought into the garden .
10 Robert Savage referred to it as a box-iron piece , a piece of land roughly the shape of an old fashioned box-iron used for smoothing linen ; and he related that the old ploughmen used to refer to the ploughing of this type of field as goring work .
11 Then you can put the test on a piece of paper just the questions and I 'm going to give the piece of paper to somebody else to answer .
12 respectively , within this volume M is defined as the inverse of L. Then the tensors are defined as the weighted averages of the tensors of each phase r : thus where is the volume concentration of phase r ( that is ) and , by analogy with the isotropic case discussed earlier on p. 115 , are concentration factor tensors such that and where I is the unit tensor .
13 Within the austere collegial melody of science even the slightest emotional shading can have a suitably dramatic effect .
14 John Howard received his dukedom , supported Richard against rebels later the same year , and died with him at Bosworth .
15 John Howard received his dukedom , supported Richard against rebels later the same year , and died with him at Bosworth .
16 But they still did do a certain amount of er the stock in trade course the bins for g for transporting stuff in and all like that .
17 The Laws family ran a bakery in Northgate hence the nickname Teacakes .
18 This week 14 paintings were put up for auction in London so the gallery could clear its debts and provide grants for artists , particularly students , in the region .
19 the introduction of new semi-automatic machines … the increasing use of unskilled and semi-skilled labour in trades hitherto the exclusive preserve of the skilled man … the adaptation of a rudimentary system of standardised and interchangeable parts … the predominance of factory over the workshop as the unit of production … the introduction of aspects of Taylorism , particularly the premium-bonus system ’ .
20 Chamfer the cut edges of pipe to allow easy fitting of the coupling — a few gentle taps with a hammer to chip away the edge is enough .
21 Remember I 'm no trollop to while away the hours for you . ’
22 If there is any predisposition to psychosis then the changes induced can be permanent .
23 With so much happening , and no central authority , Lorne and I were constantly harried by the attempt to film only the crucial events , which appeared to erupt spontaneously at any time of the day or night , while conserving the precious little film stock we had put aside for the intended Bugis film .
24 One more summer term to winter still the house had not looked upon anyone she saw as suitable enough to take on a satisfactory residence within her proud walls , if only she was .
25 Electronics millionaire Alan Sugar , who made a fortune selling hi-fis and computers at prices even the Japanese could not match , is planning to buy back his Amstrad company from investors .
26 Set side by side again the pieces do n't exactly match .
27 Nevertheless , there is no harm in a tenant trying for a compromise and the following provision ( adapted for adding to the above amendment to clause 7.6.2 ) could be considered : AND upon cesser of the Term by notice hereunder the insurance money shall in respect of the destruction or damage of the Premises under the policy maintained under this clause [ 7 ] be divided between the Landlord and the Tenant according to the value at the date of the destruction or damage of their respective interests in the Premises ( to be determined in default of agreement by a single arbitrator to be appointed by the President for the time being of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors on the application of either party )
28 In fact the pollution control officer has as indices of activity neither the policeman 's arrest rate nor the evidence which some other compliance system enforcement agents can exploit , such as the dollar amounts recovered by consumer protection officers ( Silbey , 1978 ) .
29 The Windscale cloud however , passed over most of the cities of England so the collective dose would be higher .
30 At a higher level of intensity again the treaty may amount to the attempted bestowal of a right or the imposition of an obligation upon a third party .
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