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1 Inflation , if unchecked , can result in economic and social disorder , as conditions akin to hyper-inflation ( a thousand-fold rise in prices over a few months ) make bank savings worthless .
2 Neil had told me that he might spend the daytime hours between tides over here on Seal Island .
3 The question remains as to the optimal method of obtaining a consistent estimate of the parameter on the change term in wealth over the full sample period .
4 The decline of pre-marital pregnancy during the late nineteenth century was probably therefore less the product of adoption of middle-class values than the consequence of the felt loss of control over the consequence of heterosexual relations .
5 The multi-million pound trail of destruction over the past 12 months includes the following outrages :
7 The stock change in units over the three years :
8 This year 's profits will be used to help fund a record £1.5billion programme of investment over the next five years to cope with what is described as ‘ a phenomenal ’ growth in mail .
9 The Pacific Bell Inc arm of Pacific Telesis Group Inc does not believe that the folks across the Pacific should be the only ones to have universally available full broadband ISDN by the year 2015 , and it says it is discussing forming alliances with cable companies to help in the building of a super data highway in California over the next decade .
10 She dragged herself to her feet , and felt the short cotton skirt fall into place over her smoldering hind-quarters .
11 This study was designed to compare the efficacy and safety of oral fluticasone propionate with prednisolone over a four week period in the treatment of active colitis .
12 Malt export sales for delivery over the next twelve months have gone exceptionally well .
13 The CA began in 1957 as a small group publishing a magazine with the results of the comparative testing of aspirins and kettles and has since then become a multi-million pound operation with influence over manufacturers and retailers as well as those responsible for the formulation of consumer policy .
14 US reaction to the Rishon Le Zion killings reflected the deterioration of its relations with Israel , since the collapse of Israel 's coalition government in March over Shamir 's apparent refusal to move ahead with a US-backed peace plan [ see pp. 37303-04 ] .
15 Contrary to Unix-on-the-desktop sceptics , the fastest growing sector will be the Unix PC marketplace with a revenue CAGR of 28% over the period .
16 As we saw earlier , the fact that the producing units of an industry increase in size over a number of years may be explained by the functional relation between their size and the cost of production .
17 Some scientists predict a great increase in skin cancers in humans over the next decades , and the effects on other life forms can hardly be calculated .
18 The party 's deputy leader , Donald McKinnon , immediately resigned as defence spokesperson in protest over the volte face .
19 The Estonian parliament agreed to postpone discussion of provisions of its election law amid disagreement over demands by Russians for a second chamber to represent local minorities .
20 The Estonian parliament agreed to postpone discussion of provisions of its election law amid disagreement over demands by Russians for a second chamber to represent local minorities .
21 In the story of Job we see the adversary bargaining with God over the righteous man .
22 We estimate that 150000 men aged 60 to 74 would be required in an evaluative trial for it to have an 80% chance of showing a 20% reduction in mortality over the ensuing 10 years , significant at the 5% level .
23 Middlesbrough cricket club is to join the town 's rugby club in talks over the possible sale of the Acklam Park ground they jointly own in Green Lane , Acklam , Middlesbrough .
24 They seem to be working their way around the main shopping areas of Britain over the last two years .
25 Karimov claims to have discovered a direct correlation between nuclear tests conducted at the Soviet testing site of Semipalatinsk over the years and earthquakes throughout the former Soviet Union .
26 We got real close to the Mondays , ’ enthuses Tina Weymouth in conversation over the phone from the States .
27 There is now a major question mark in policy-making over the meaning of ‘ regeneration ’ and particularly over who benefits from regenerative policies .
28 MANCHESTER UNITED were last night involved in a bizarre transfer mix-up with Barnet over striker Gary Bull .
29 WITHAM Town A have prised themselves clear of the relegation battle in Division One of the Chelmsford and District Table Tennis League with victories over NatWest A and Maldon A.
30 Fighting in the former Soviet republics of Armenia and Azerbaijan has intensified , meanwhile , in the run-up to the latest round of peace talks in Rome over the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh .
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