Example sentences of "[noun] [conj] i give [pron] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ Bear in mind that I gave my evidence after Blissett had been charged by the FA for a serious breach of the laws of the game — and the experienced commission of inquiry , which conducted a rigorous investigation into the incident , cleared him .
2 Tha him , look how , look how he after mummy and I give him
3 ‘ Well , if it 's sexual she has less discrimination than I gave her credit for . ’
4 That 's happened , I could n't get any one year I took the triplets to the erm Goose Hill coffee morning in the Town Hall and I gave them all money for the tombola and one of them won a Creme Egg
5 The Sheriff asked me the same question and I gave him the same answer as I have you . ’
6 that do explain a little bit about Abbey Life products and also have a copy of as well erm they might find that of help before I give them a call .
7 You asked for Operation Cuckoo to be your personal responsibility and I gave it to you .
8 I told her I 'd be in the Maple Leaf in Covent Garden until about nine , then down in Fulham and I gave her the address of the party and told her to ask for Louise .
9 He said ‘ Okay , I want you to show me everything , ’ and I said ‘ Well , there are six strings , they 're tuned like this and written down an octave , ’ ( For those that do n't know , when guitar music is transposed onto a stave , it 's dropped a whole octave to keep it on the treble clef — Ed ) and he was taking notes and I gave him a beginning guitar book so that he could see how it was all written out !
10 When I first got it in the I was a bit , well it do n't sound too hard , bit down hard , but then again they were in a rush , I said there 's your present and I gave it to them , and they unwrapped it and me mum says oh come on we 'll be late for the club , cos they were getting free drinks at the pub , oh she , she did n't even want to look at it , I said oh , and she looked at it
11 I can give the hon. Gentleman the undertaking — it is of the sort that I gave him in Committee — that I believe that many things should be done with the extra resources that we shall have , and in the context of administrative matters the care of records is relevant .
12 He feasted for months , for years , on a small pair of my slippers that I gave him ; I expect he has burnt them by now .
13 It 's only when I 'm writing an article that I give it its proper name !
14 But how I longed to be gallant , as they say ; to ask her if I might kiss her on both cheeks if I gave her my two violets .
15 It is now 4 years since I gave my first remedy in an LM potency and it has become my preferred method of prescribing for a number of reasons 1 ) No decision has to be made on potency level i.e. whether 6 , 30 , 200 , etc is indicated .
16 I ca n't wait for you any longer , especially when I consider how long it might take to extricate you from another relationship if I give you time and you use it to involve yourself with Jones or whoever else you might have in mind …
17 When Victor and I gave them the slip at Victoria station they knew we were onto them .
18 There she was lying on the floor with Bonfire of the Vanities under her head and me giving her a gentle kneading — spelt with a ‘ k ’ dear — and we were getting quite absorbed when all of a sudden the door flew open and in he came .
19 I remember me getting up about three o'clock in the morning I heard the wind and I got up to look at the stack yard and start to put er bits of pit props and that into the nets and and and the wind was getting that strong the pit props was going flying over me head and I gave it up and made for and it 's certainly not a very high door at Greenspot but or a very big door but it took me all my time to get the door closed .
20 ‘ I took a bowl of water and I gave it hirin , as if it was my father , or my brother , ’ said Kalchu .
21 Catherine and me gave you Coke and I gave you loads this morning .
22 my holiday was later as usual and longer so , you know and there was a couple of other things not related to this which I 'd thought of doing and it 's sort of they evaporated , but erm , we did spend time talking to Ingy earlier in the year , you know , about publicity and I gave her lists of well such as things obvious things like Playback and Newsbeat
23 There was once years and years ago , he came in one night and I gave him these three pieces of paper and er what was it ?
24 one or two members who are resident in St Albans did ask me about their position on item two St Albans Transport Study er the advice that I gave them was that unless they er did which is likely to be affected by any identifiable schemes in the study they do not have a need to declare either a pecuniary or a non-pecuniary interest .
25 Twenty one minus X If I give you some numbers to add up .
26 I 'm gon na go and shoot that woman cos I gave my cheque to the office .
27 And then , all I 've done is worked out some time management and say well if these guys turn up at half past eight every morning and I give them a break at ten o'clock , and they get a lunch break and then in afternoon , another break , and they finish at half past four , if everything goes to plan , by four o'clock Friday , my van should be backing up at the end of the production line to load itself up with a thousand widgets .
28 Good do you remember a long time ago doing factor trees and I gave you three sixty to do ?
29 Catherine and me gave you Coke and I gave you loads this morning .
30 You give me a finger and I give you your freedom , and a new life in North America . ’
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