Example sentences of "[noun] [conj] [pron] give [pron] " in BNC.

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1 To complicate the picture even further , there are a number of other devices which , although not strictly security interests in the sense of vesting some type of proprietary interest in the creditor or which give him possessory control over assets of the debtor company , nevertheless act as security .
2 I would n't mind betting that Bill 's lists that you gave him actually contained all these things and only then can we actually put them down in order .
3 Also they had to film the invasion in the dark so they gave us two lamps .
4 I understand the reply that you gave my Hon. Friend the Member for Walsall , North ( Mr. Winnick ) , but is it not possible to ask the Leader of the House , who is present , when we will have a statement about Mr. Rushdie and the ayatollah 's decision ?
5 ‘ Bear in mind that I gave my evidence after Blissett had been charged by the FA for a serious breach of the laws of the game — and the experienced commission of inquiry , which conducted a rigorous investigation into the incident , cleared him .
6 IRA bomber Rosena Brown was a better actress than anyone gave her credit for .
7 right , and I look over to Roger and Roger 's flicking through his notes like this and as you , you were peeping through and he 's trying to find out what , what he 's talking about , they 're not looking at each other and anyway at the end of it , er we went through it and at the end of it he turned round and went how was it , what were you playing at , what was that spiel that you gave it 's in my brief , that 's one of my objections
8 he 's after something , h his apprenticeship so they give him a thousand pound
9 Ricky was so furious with Perdita for deliberately sabotaging her scholarship that he gave her the sack .
10 It 's not B T , it used to be B T , erm until about 1984 , when we decided that the maintenance that they gave us was n't good enough , and got Plessey in .
11 Out there is a whole world full of garbage and it gives me ulcers to throw one more shred of scum back on the heap . ’
12 One gave her a gold ring and one gave her a little dog .
13 His appearance in the Toyota World Match Play at Wentworth in October was his 17th in succession and it gave him the chance of winning the title for a record sixth time .
14 A wary look came into Johnny 's eyes and he gave her a quick glance of alarm .
15 Fortunately , it was easy to make a decision as Wayne Shelford was already at the club and he gave me an insight into what it was all about and what to expect . ’
16 His mouth came gently to her neck and she gave herself again to the lion .
17 We sometimes drank small cups of China tea and he gave me colour prints of Chinese landscapes and mountain scenery at Christmas and the Chinese New Year .
18 ‘ The wave is my lover and she gives me the ultimate orgasm . ’
19 Got on one tube and that broke down from the end of she 's at Liverpool Street then she had to go different end to Oxford Street , but she ended up in Charing Cross then she got on another tube line at Charing Cross and then that broke down , so she said it took hours , then she gave a taxi , had to get a taxi back to Oxford Street and , and from Oxford Street back to Waterloo and it 's four pound and he gave her a change for a tenner instead , and she gave him a twenty pound note but , you know she 's absolutely haggard , so I said it 's just as well she can have a cup of tea before she goes , I just told her briefly about that so , erm , Carla 's a bit late ai n't she ?
20 He was well placed in the cotton industry and it gave him a generous income ; therefore it had to take precedence , but the monotony of arriving at the same place at the same time every day now bored him as much as had the mechanical frenzy of the bobbins when he arrived .
21 and I yeah I went two months and he give me right , they 're called they 're yellow like round tablets they are , like an aspirin but they 're yellow right ?
22 Dorcas said he thought it would n't do any harm if we gave him a hand , sort of thing , ’ said the nome nervously .
23 Tha him , look how , look how he after mummy and I give him
24 We do have a money adviser erm specifically who works with erm tenants who are in rent arrears and who gives them advice on handling their financial problems .
25 Now correlation , in a similar way , measures something similar to association but it gives you a bit more detail .
26 ‘ We 're so sorry about what happened to poor old Goosie Lucy but she gave us no choice .
27 ‘ It 's good to get new blood as it gives us more spark . ’
28 ‘ It looked as though it was on its last legs when you gave me a lift yesterday . ’
29 He thought of the widow in her ramshackle hut at the end of the village and the gratitude in her eyes when he gave her a purse of coins .
30 Just not going away , even the tablets that you gave me , they was n't even taking it away , it , away like .
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