Example sentences of "[adv] from time to time " in BNC.

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1 Sexual need — sexual urge , libido , call it what you will — varies from person to person and , in the individual , varies somewhat from time to time .
2 The details of its internal structure varied somewhat from time to time , but the main lines remained fairly stable .
3 They were closed down from time to time and checked the day prior to our morning operation .
4 We analysed these data ourselves , and found that many subject departments sent individuals or small groups to the library in connection with subject or project work , while others seem to have brought whole classes down from time to time .
5 The United States would dive in from time to time with a huge splash which , however , would soon subside .
6 Not a pleasant task but the men get a bit browned-off sitting on their hunkers here , doing precious little but dig , and insecure grumbles to their wives and girl friends creep in from time to time .
7 The hotel bookshop went on displaying Archer and Sheldon and Forsyth , happily oblivious to the world-famous authors who flitted in from time to time to paw the paperbacks .
8 What F writes need be no more than barely ‘ understandable ’ , provided that he throws in from time to time some ‘ historical terminology ’ , which he need not necessarily understand , nor use appropriately .
9 I might not always be there exactly when you want me , but I 'll check in from time to time .
10 ‘ But she would come in from time to time to inspect the ingredients and make sure everything was fresh , nothing frozen , dried or packeted , especially not the orange juice for breakfast , which had to be freshly squeezed from three kilos of oranges .
11 Even here , I expect his mother comes in from time to time and has a good old poke round . ’
12 I wandered in from time to time looking , usually , for something which was out of print or which no other bookseller had come around to stocking .
13 It seemed to me that the theatre I wanted to work in from time to time was the British theatre , so I have never contemplated living in America .
14 Oh I 'll be popping in from time to time .
15 This means checking personally from time to time the output from your area , whether it be a shoelace , a bottle of beer , a written report , half an hour 's advice or a telephone call to a client .
16 Two-thirds of the BBC 's audience did so from time to time and a quarter of these were regular listeners .
17 Those appointed to the senior status of High Court judge will have acted as Recorders and will often have sat as Deputy High Court judges , having been invited to do so from time to time .
18 Indeed it is vital that they should do so from time to time .
19 Now to do that effectively I think it 's essential that I get you to participate in what 's happening so from time to time I 'm going to ask you to answer questions , sometimes by writing them down , sometimes by shows of hands erm sometimes by er reacting back erm to the questions that I ask .
20 Timber for construction needs to be acquired only from time to time , and enough firewood can be collected in one journey to last several months .
21 Crilly took me to the old town once ; it was a sooty place just north of the city , bordered by cakey cliffs and a greasy sliver of sea and a forlorn lighthouse jutting into the grey Irish sky , flashing blurry and red through the low clouds , omitting a lackadaisical moo only from time to time .
22 While such solidarity may cause the nation to bind together from time to time as in 1940 , at present it-is of a divisive nature rather than unifying .
23 they could only snatch a few minutes together from time to time , usually when Daddy came over to Low Fields to look after the cattle , or during the haytiming .
24 Anchor ice accumulations , being less dense than sea water , break away from time to time and rise to the surface , carrying with them entrapped and frozen plants and animals , which gather in layers under the inshore floes .
25 There is little to distinguish between the Italian character dance and its demi - caractère form save only that heeled shoes are worn and thus from time to time take on a slightly Spanish flavour , the only difference perhaps being the more fluid way of phrasing and less rigidly accurate timing of the steps .
26 The first few days in Bavant were fairly quiet as far as the enemy activity was concerned , with a few mortar bombs coming over from time to time .
27 Peace with France came and food prices fell , but mob rule in Cornwall could still take over from time to time .
28 So they kill or look for carcasses already available and search them for beetles , spiders , maggots and the like , turning the bodies over from time to time to aid their search .
29 ( 2 ) A licensing board may adjourn any meeting held by virtue of subsection ( 1 ) above from time to time during the period of one month next following the first day of such meeting , but no longer .
30 She had already from time to time employed Mrs Rafferty , although the incredibly swift rate of her pregnancies made her appearances at Four Winds unpredictable .
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