Example sentences of "[adv] what be going on " in BNC.

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1 Will be passed on , but in this instance they all need to be shown how to work it , yes , mhm , so that concerned me a little bit , apparently because they were holding the mike right up to their mouth and it was distorting terribly what 's going on up there
2 So what 's going on with MCA , then ?
3 Our top sportsman , Linford Christie , is black so what 's going on ? ’
4 Aye well So what 's going on in here ?
5 So what is going on ?
6 So what is going on in illness ?
7 So what is going on in the world of higher education today ?
8 So what is going on ?
9 So what is going on at the moment that is affecting the management and organisation of our electronic records in local government ?
10 Other people were coming up with answers , so what was going on ?
11 So what was going on in the way of entertainments and things like that when you came to ?
12 The eyes of some fish enable them to see not only what is going on in the water around them but in the air above the surface .
13 ‘ Look , Inspector , just what 's going on ?
14 ‘ I wish someone would tell me just what 's going on . ’
15 It is understandable if we consider the wide diversity of marine invertebrates how difficult it can be to read from their behaviour just what is going on .
16 When you send a fax , a dialogue box pops up telling you in plain English just what is going on , while an animated fax machine , complete with a document feeding through it , shows you how far things have got .
17 The adult females bob and dance with excitement , standing upright , craning their heads back and forth to see just what is going on .
18 ‘ Would someone care to tell me just what is going on ? ’
19 In general , it can often be difficult for us to be sure just what is going on in supposed examples of communication .
20 Such an insider 's account will therefore hopefully achieve the ‘ finer grain and detail ’ MacDonald ( 1987 ) demanded of postmodern ‘ anthropology at home ’ , while ‘ practical mastery ’ of the ethnographic field should reduce the problems faced by McCabe and Sutcliffe ( 1978 ) , who set out to pursue participant observation on the police and found that ‘ it would be necessary for anyone wishing to fully understand the process of policing to take into account the difficulties in gaining access and an understanding of just what was going on ’ .
21 Oh yes , he had done everything possible to find out just what was going on .
22 It was too soon for the operation to be taken away from Cardiff before he found out just what was going on in this hellish office block .
23 She was very tempted to ask just what was going on .
24 However , this is clearly not what is going on in anorexia nervosa , although I do believe that emptiness is being used as a metaphor .
25 The Enterprise Allowance guys know exactly what 's going on .
26 If an organiser does not co-ordinate and monitor and know exactly what 's going on at each stage , then ultimately he has only himself to blame if something goes wrong .
27 He knows exactly what 's going on , so I was gutted when the manager signed Nigel Spackman to play alongside him .
28 The situation has thrown me a bit and I shall be talking to him again because I want to know exactly what 's going on .
29 We begin by finding out exactly what 's going on — what films and plays are due to open , books to be published , records to be released , and we keep in touch with agents and promotion companies and keep tabs on where the big celebrities are in the world .
30 Therapist : ‘ What we will do in this first session is an assessment of exactly what 's going on : first we will look at the problems at the moment ; second we will look at background factors such as your family and personal history ; and third we will try to pull it all together and formulate what is going on , and then decide on what the best course of action is .
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