Example sentences of "[adv] that [pers pn] do [adv] " in BNC.

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1 Better that I do n't that I do n't be proud better live in harmony .
2 There is still much that we do not know ; J. Hartley in a thirty-year survey ended shatteringly : There is a complex job to be done .
3 Ralph says basically that they do n't exist , so how could there be one and Simon 's view is that he would know if there was a beast and that they 're just really frightened of each other .
4 Plan to eat often enough that you do not get extremely hungry and lose control .
5 It is important obviously that you do n't go too far with these techniques .
6 The horse 's behaviour may be modified by trying to get it to have confidence in us and to like us ; and by keeping our own aggression under control , so that we do n't arouse the horse 's aggressive instinct .
7 You 're trying to blind us with all your scientific talk , so that we do n't see what you 're getting at , and leave you alone till it 's too late … ’ ‘ … you 're a wicked , evil man , like that other woman said , flying in the face of Nature and God … ’ ‘ … and what about Einstein ?
8 Indoors he can get through almost half a show with one guitar — but then I try and get him off that , so that we do n't have the problem of breaking strings . ’
9 Women idealise male qualities of aggression , ambition and sexual confidence so that we do n't have to confront them in ourselves .
10 ‘ Just so that we do n't overtax young Jimbo 's powers of resistance . ’
11 This is why we have instituted imaginative reforms of education , of health , of the legal profession , of social security , and of other crucial areas of our national life — so that we do n't just do more , but also do better .
12 so that we do n't clash with each other statistically
13 so that we do n't all meet as strangers on the day .
14 I erm as much as anything else so that we do n't block a fire exit on the gro , on , in the basement .
15 Put a band on , just so that we do n't you know , erm squash their hair .
16 Just so that we do n't get any products on the clothes .
17 We instruct without formal RYA courses at Paxos , Porto Heli and Cannigione so that we do n't hinder the flexibility of these holidays too much .
18 But we do need more friends and volunteers to help us get out and about so that we do n't feel life 's passing us by . ’
19 What we 've attempted to do is to put all of our instructions into one manual , so that we do n't view quality as an add-on or something extra .
20 We have n't opened the toilet block as yet , because if you remember that the Recreation Ground Committee , we 're opening it in the er after the school has started and shutting it before the school ends , so that we do n't have the problems of vandalism which we 've had in the past , hopefully .
21 The procedures look fine for the purchase of one-off and novel items , but it occurs to me that it would save time and effort if we established ‘ preferred suppliers ’ for standard PCs , printers , and peripherals , so that we do n't have to obtain multiple quotes and give reasons for supplier choice each time we order an off-the-shelf system .
22 Strange the certainty of bad news so that we do n't even need to be told .
23 It will have to be Luxembourg , and three old ones that we 've done quite recently , so that we do n't have to waste too much time rehearsing them . ’
24 Erm , and , and if we are going to do , to do that , then I 'd suggest as well Chairman , that we er , raise the issue with er , A C C so that we do n't go alone , we go with other authorities if that 's what members want to er , do .
25 What help us , we we 'll go to we 'll direct the questions to different people erm and if you agree , just say you agree so that we do n't have er erm a session of people just rec reciting what everybody else has said , but if we start with you erm Jim , sorry I ca n't see the
26 that 's so that we do n't have to mess about with it , it , it
27 Ha , ha , would you close the kitchen doors , so that we do n't get the washing machine singing too loudly for us , thank you .
28 Now we do n't have huge , we we .. we 've turned down our thing so that we do n't get the kitchen sink , which is also off the mains , brrrr splattering everywhere , so that could explain why mine is n't as good as it could be , yes you 're right .
29 if any of them relate to a procedure we take it at the same time so that we do n't have to do it again , or not ?
30 Erm er this o this one is not one single job as it happens but it is the kind of thing that we have come up against before and I 've put them the things together in one so that we do n't identify people really under the circumstances .
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