Example sentences of "[adv] over a long [noun] " in BNC.

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1 To give or receive help , perhaps over a long period , which inevitably involves some self-sacrifice on the one hand and some loss of independence on the other , is a very big step .
2 Thus there was a confusing number of elements on earth , above it and below it which contributed to the afterlife , representing ideas which had been brought together over a long period of time .
3 And the two of them working together over a long time , they would work
4 New patterns for External Verification are being developed but are being phased in gradually over a longer timescale .
5 If a cat performs some very strange action — finds its way home over a long distance , predicts an earthquake , or senses the return of its owners when they are some distance from the house — then it is a challenge for us to try and find out which particular sensory pathway was involved .
6 And yet somebody had known she was worth kidnapping , somebody had checked on her financial position and her daily movements , probably over a long period .
7 Had this apparently contradictory programme been worked out over a long period , it might have seemed more logical .
8 Now that 's different you 'll not get em to cancel it but to get them to spin it out over a longer period is a possibility and that 's what we 're gon na be working towards .
9 ‘ I suppose , ’ said Suvarov , paying no attention to her rudeness or the incipient hysteria in her voice , ‘ because it was so important … not just fighting it , but being part of it , doing one 's best and living more intensely over a longer time than one had before . ’
10 They went on over a long period and affected many children who had been entrusted to the defendants for care and help .
11 In some programs files have to be inverted overnight and this requires the microcomputer to be switched on over a long period of time .
12 The arrival of Islam and the Arabic language was to mark another of the great turning points in the history of Egypt , and their absorption by Egyptian society went on over a long period , being generally a peaceful and incremental process .
13 A 12 volt battery is really essential for the mechanical action of the trimmer to work effectively over a long period .
14 It is also necessary not to view policies in a static way ; they have been built up slowly over a long period and they are still changing .
15 If on the other hand , a stress is applied slowly over a longer period the material flows like a viscous liquid so that the spherical shape is soon lost if left to stand for some time .
16 For the concession of hereditary tenure , though made piecemeal over a long period of time , was universal by the end of the century .
17 Lord Berner 's Triumph of Neptune was another work he conducted quite frequently over a long period , and he made two recordings of the ballet suite .
18 ‘ But poisons that would only kill if taken regularly over a long period of time , do they exist ? ’
19 Conversely , some econometricians have argued that it is more cost effective to use a ‘ drip ’ system , advertising more or less continuously over a long period at a very low weight .
20 Much research and attention to artists ' requirements has led to a new breed of synthetic brushes which are highly appropriate for use with acrylics , among other uses , which hold their shape well over a long period of time , are delightfully responsive to use , are superbly controllable , allowing precision work , and are durable enough to resist occasional misuse .
21 I have known you well over a long period of time .
22 In clinical case management there is a recognition that the worker is an important resource , and an awareness that the process of assessment and reassessment is a crucial function , to be discharged by someone who knows the client really well over a long period of time .
23 All the research programmes have come from approaches made to the Unit and have involved extensive discussions , sometimes over a long period , but not for bureaucratic reasons .
24 Unlike offices , the level of income fluctuates although sometimes over a longer period it fluctuates at a higher level than commercial .
25 However , this is an aspect that must be studied closely over a longer period , for there is a danger in some of the inner-city schemes of officially-induced gentrification .
26 People would not welcome a move from their home and if closure went ahead over a long period of time staff would inevitably leave .
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