Example sentences of "[adv] [been] for [det] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ Had it not been for that publication Sally might have avoided that almost overwhelming sea of troubles which resulted from harmlessly intended praise . ’
2 ‘ owing to the presence of which ’ This point is normally covered in any witness statement that might be available , viz. ‘ I saw four vehicles were involved etc. ’ or ‘ if it had not been for that vehicle the accident would not have happened ’ .
3 Had it not been for another round of cost cutting , the group would have crept back into the black last year .
4 They have not been for some time except to people who still remember The Beatles and The Animals .
5 ‘ Sir , ’ he said to the court , ‘ I would be a dead man by now if it had not been for this gentleman . ’
6 The pattern has usually been for such people to establish themselves as privileged representatives of a ‘ god ’ who has the power to punish or destroy those who do not conform to the rules which they , the privileged , have themselves formulated , but have attributed to the ‘ god ’ .
7 And there had also been for many years the musical evenings at your parents ' home .
8 I would have died too if it had n't been for that telegraph pole . ’
9 And I 'll tell you somethin' else : your mother would n't have died if it had n't been for that man . ’
10 There is never a month that I am not overseas , and has n't been for many years — long before I achieved my present position .
11 Deep inside , I thought that George loved Lennie and vice versa because if it had n't been for this love , they would n't have been able to survive happily together .
12 " I have n't been for some time .
13 " No , and there have n't been for some time . "
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