Example sentences of "[adv] [verb] for a long " in BNC.

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1 And their arousal is so intense that if the owl finally departs they will still go on mobbing for a long while afterwards , as though they can not calm down to a normal level of activity until some considerable time has passed .
2 Watching the Trooper disappear up the road , I reckon it could go on trooping for a long time yet at the right price , with very little needing doing .
3 First , wind velocity is measured at a given observation point and refers solely to that point , for all that it may be convenient to show it on a chart as an arrow apparently extending for a long distance .
4 The kind of music she had not heard for a long time .
5 These were friends not seen for a long time , visited now because there was something to celebrate .
6 Lions are strong but can not run for a long time .
7 ‘ I 've not played for a long time and to get a goal in the first ten minutes was incredible .
8 One enterprising station-master frequently told all passengers that their trains would not leave for a long time .
9 She said she had been released half a mile away on a misty common and had not eaten for a long time .
10 Bill was given a cheque with best wishes for a long and happy retirement , from all his friends in Scottish Amicable .
11 Anyway , we thought it would be suitably ironic and some sort of justice for having been booted off the Argent tour to cover that song , especially as Argent have not existed for a long time .
12 Susie did not reply for a long time .
13 it is what I 've always thought for a long time that somebody like Brian if he 's not if he 's not showing at our fish at our show , even as an A class judge , I , I fail to see why he ca n't judge at our show it 's , he goes to Skelm and , and judges there and our fish will be there or strange really when we 're struggling for judges that , that we do n't do these things .
14 It is extremely light , low cut , very wide fitting — the widest I 've ever found for a long time — and together with an EVA insert into the sole unit , gave me very comfortable walking .
15 We have also known for a long time that morphine cures diarrhoea .
16 We 've both known for a long time how we feel about each other and all the reasons why nothing can ever come of it .
17 This served with 28 Squadron under 5 Wing and was later stored for a long time at 15 Air Depot at Snake Valley , adjacent to Swartkop before going to serve with the MEFS at Bloemspruit .
18 The foundations were now securely laid for a long period of prosperity rising to a peak in the early fourth century , if one can judge from the mansion-type houses in the towns and countryside .
19 Some of these men had been posing as caravan holiday makers for some weeks and now settled for a long , cold night on the clifftops .
20 She lost him then and had to search and found him eventually curled up amid the wiring in the back of the record-player where he had n't hidden for a long time , not since two dark-haired people who were into black magic had come to dinner and he had disappeared for half a day until she found his secret hole .
21 What we did n't know for a long time was that this book is his revenge on his parents .
22 " You do n't know what your talking about , " Katherine began , experiencing a deep burning rage that she had n't felt for a long time , a rage all the more intense because she knew she could do nothing about it .
23 The view that aggression is an integral part of human nature has been strongly argued for a long time by exceptionally articulate and persuasive individuals .
24 Kate has a sensitivity and a gentleness in her face that we have n't seen for a long time . ’
25 And we decided to get lots of copies for all our friends that we have n't seen for a long long time so I asked if they could do them for me but I thought they would be back by now , well they should of been back ages ago actually !
26 No , she actually just , I have n't seen for a long time so she can have one of these .
27 Ah , now this is the one I have n't done for a long time , now this is the one
28 Oh well if you have n't had chi or have n't done for a long time you enjoy them .
29 Have n't done for a long time .
30 He made himself a mixed grill , something he had n't had for a long time , and followed it with real coffee .
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