Example sentences of "[adv] [verb] [adv prt] for a " in BNC.

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1 It dropped again at first but eventually picked up for a lively last lap .
2 The expense of necessary heating and drying is not only considerable , but is ultimately hopeless — it is not a tax which in any way augments a person 's living standards , but , like protection money , merely staves off for a little longer an absolute loss .
3 Oh you only got up for a coffee ?
4 Only got in for a few minutes as half the church was there .
5 The drawback is that your expert driver from the London Limousine Company ( SE1 ) only turns up for a minimum of eight hours — a standard feature of chauffeur hire .
6 She did that for half an hour and he only came round for a short time .
7 I only dropped off for a second . ’
8 Recently , we had enough saved up for a nice flat after having lived in one room for a year .
9 Mm you basically saving up for a complete system ?
10 And while she 's on the job , she 'd better look round for a well-born filly for Timothy to marry .
11 It was a pleasant voice , with an undertone of humour , and Alexandra was immediately jealous , envisaging Matthew and his secretary in his office , laughing together , sharing jokes about his work , perhaps going out for a quick meal before they both went home .
12 There was still enough money and enough going on for a ‘ hot ’ property like Nicholson to walk in and begin making fortunes immediately .
13 But the wine-makers are winning , so watch out for a new wave of pretty , vibrant , strawberry-scented Australian Pinot — unlikely to be cheap — but Pinot seldom is .
14 So stand by for a new trade war , as America is accused of dumping subsidised security services on world markets ?
15 The method will depend on the variety so look out for a good reference book , such as Pruning by Christopher Brickell , £7.99 , Mitchell Bleazley — part of The Royal Horticultural Society 's Encyclopaedia of Practical Gardening series .
16 But Peter Hickton was only slowed down for a moment .
17 Ah sure he 's only staying out for a while till he gets married and that .
18 It 's just basically set up for a rape scene .
19 We 've already seen how carefully planned customer flow can encourage the shopper to leave with a loaded basket when she had only popped in for a loaf of bread or a pint of milk .
20 I 've only popped in for a few minutes .
21 " I 've only popped down for a cup of tea . "
22 She was ready now for the sight of the chair , the pipe , the feeling that her father had only popped out for a minute and would be back before she could leave .
23 Mm Oh that would be alright if we go yeah we can all go over for a nice little run out
24 After all , I had only come back for a day or two to buy some good German clothes .
25 Aschmann in his house , all dressed up for a festive occasion , the most glamorous lady in the theatre , was going to make it a party like no other .
26 Some cooks are born great , others have their natural skill improved by training , yet others train hard enough to make up for a lack of natural talent .
27 I find I can easily put things into perspective , see both sides of an issue , if I just sit around for a while and I probably do that for half an hour a day .
28 Right , just sit down for a minute and let's , Michael read his first .
29 So er to get to your question erm I 've sort of not been doing anything erm I was hoping that I would be sort of fully fit round about now and then if I saw something on teletext er that was good I 'd just buzz off for a week or so .
30 THERE was much early enthusiasm from both sides in this senior friendly at Hamilton Park with visitors Portadown just hanging on for a narrow victory .
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