Example sentences of "[adv] [conj] [pron] [verb] the " in BNC.

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1 No lights came on where I figured the master bedroom probably was ; that comforted me a bit .
2 Following the first leg little or nothing separates the two teams .
3 It arose from a groundswell of opinion in the EC that the internal market would be a success only where it had the support of both ‘ sides ’ of industry and if it was designed to benefit every citizen of the Community .
4 There is one place only where he lifts the curtain .
5 Each cycle should take fifty five minutes so we do three sets of role play , well we look at them , look for the cycle to start at quarter past ten first cycle must start at quarter past ten , there four that should be for one o'clock so we commence the third and final role play , come back here and break for lunch and have an hour for lunch final role play at two o'clock .
6 It was n't until 8 pm. that they let the Red Cross through .
7 The report from the accountant confirmed his initial impression that the business was worth investing in so he paid the accountants modest fee of £500 in full .
8 Then I heard a voice call me to come in so I turned the door knob and entered .
9 It occurred to her suddenly that she found the cloak-and-dagger element in all this vaguely disturbing , and totally unnecessary .
10 The earl mounted his horse and chased after it , but enjoyed the sport so much that he ordered the town butchers to supply a mad bull every year on 13 November in return for grazing rights on the meadows .
11 THERE is nothing more humiliating than loving him so much that you forgive the infidelities .
12 It 's basically that we feel the group has to be thrown into different circumstances if it 's going to be stimulated , if it 's going to change .
13 So although we know the fundamental equations that govern the brain , we are quite unable to use them to predict human behavior .
14 So although I heard the emptiness intellectually , I did n't feel it .
15 It was virtually impossible to say aloud that one welcomed the death of a fellow human being , but she believed that was how Ayling had felt .
16 The improved neutron detector was finally ready ‘ later in the year ’ and ‘ within a few weeks ’ the results were positive enough that they formed the basis of the paper that was sent for publication on 23 March 1989 , the paper that should have been sibling to that of Fleischmann and Pons .
17 The bulk of Germany 's railways were established between 1848 and 1877 , but even then they served the west of Germany far better than they served the east .
18 and he treated his horse well I mean a lot of these horseman , good horseman treated the horse better than they did the wife !
19 I think he treated the dogs better than he treated the women , actually- ’ Markby broke off embarrassed .
20 ‘ People realise deep down that they have the talent to be among the best in the world .
21 Although we had we had warning that erm obviously that you knew the kids were gon na start a new season in September , you 'd start saving the money and a bill would come up .
22 No sooner had they sat down than they heard the distant ring of the telephone .
23 And then they test the evacuation alarm then , so that everybody knows the alarms and er where to be and then th Every six eight weeks or something they take you for a helicopter evacuation where everybody 's taken from the lifeboat master station .
24 We are improving the network of routes our meter readers follow , so that we use the most efficient and economic pattern of working .
25 Richard Botwood and his excellent team continued their cost-containment programme ( but still of course working to provide the value-for-money service members look for ) , so that we finished the year with an acceptable surplus of £35,231 to be used for the benefit of CIT members and transport in general .
26 It 's no good just saying you can report fraud er to er t t to the regulator , they should also be responsible to the shareholders , the stake holders , everybody involved er in er er er a company er and in fact er they are n't they have really responsibility to no one except the directors er who appoint them , the company share holders are given very little information , the choice of auditors er is firmly in the director 's director 's hands , the depositors , the consumers , the employees er have no say er in the appointment of er auditors and more important the recent legal cases for instance and the Al Saudi Bank er er and Berg er sons er and company also decided that er auditors do n't owe a duty of care er to individual shareholders , potential investors , the current or potential creditors er even though that information is supposed to be there to help markets understand what is happening to that committee and the government showed no indication that it wants to reverse these judgements , it should reverse them , there should be specific responsibilities attached to er auditors to give them a duty of care er so that we get the information er and er spend more widely and the share holders and the stake holders know what 's going on er er er as well as er the bank or the financial er institution er itself .
27 I mean the idea of course is to try at some stage and run a trainer trainer 's course , so that we expand the number of people who can who can do the training .
28 This makes time appear to slow down so that we remember the details of an accident , such as a car crash , as though it occurred in slow motion .
29 The matchbox comes into action again , this time to melt the Spectra to the sleeve so that we have the two components fused as one , just as we described earlier .
30 ‘ We should take every opportunity to recycle our waste cardboard so that we reduce the quantity of our waste which goes to landfill or is incinerated . ’
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