Example sentences of "[adv] [conj] [pron] [verb] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 Right where we want you , ’ a quiet voice completed her sentence from behind her .
2 Right where it meets which is there .
3 When she 'd said she was worried about her superiors , he 'd felt like telling her that he had her superiors right where he wanted them , but he could n't .
4 I knew that Ben was a good enough footballer to play effectively where we wanted him . ’
5 Such a dating , however , runs contrary to the other accounts of Molla Fenari 's trip to Egypt and has little or nothing to support it .
6 Little or nothing escapes his eye and that makes any book he writes doubly valuable to the serious students of railway history .
7 He 's run out of plaster and he 's got an urgent call somewhere where he thinks he 'll need it .
8 While one may whizz straight through the enemy , and another might stall in front of your Mob , the other one is bound to end up somewhere where you want him .
9 Mr are you anything you feel applies to respond on or you feel you 've stated your case ?
10 Mr Williamson is there anything you want to come back on or you feel you 've had enough in terms of summing up on matters A and B ?
11 and it 's a lot better I know I 've seen road somewhere or you know it 's a lot easier
12 When it was rephrased , ‘ Do you ever find yourself saying , I wish 1 could do this better or I wish I knew more about that ? ’ it was more easily understood .
13 If you have a combination skin , recognisable by an oily T-zone ( forehead , nose and chin ) and drier cheeks , apply moisturiser only where you need it ( ie over the cheeks and up to the temples ) .
14 It stays longer where you need it to stay — in the stomach — and moves more swiftly where you need it to move more swiftly , through the intestine and bowel .
15 ( Nothing to do with mice or holes but probably a corruption of the Cornish Moweshayl , young women 's river — perhaps where they did their washing . )
16 And a call came over the radio that there was a problem with one of the pumps downstairs , so seeing I had nothing better to do at that time I went downstairs to give them a hand .
17 then there 's Ellen , do n't how the bloody hell she lives so or what have you
18 So where she fill it up from ?
19 So where you have your potage erm meat , vegetables such as they are , and sweet .
20 ‘ That kind of thing either brings you closer together or it separates you .
21 Well one of you on cleaning fruit , getting all the stalks and stones out of the fruit , we used to have a sieve , not a riddle , a sieve with round , the wires were round in the sieve and you rub it , and the stalks would drop through and then you 'd put them out onto an iron baking sheet and sort out all the stones that and little bits that were in the fruit and you 'd be on cleaning fruit you might be one day , the other whichever one was the you 'd be cleaning and greasing baking tins , ready for the baker to put the cakes in or what have you , and then at night we used to grease all the bread tins ready for men to be allowed to drop the dough into the bread tins , and er stuff like that and cleaning up scrubbing down and
22 place of the All where she had her dwelling .
23 But no warning could check Arthur Conway 's fury , and with a lightning leap he managed to grip the young man 's throat , and so fiercely that he forced him backwards , only the next moment to have his arms snapped downwards , when he would have fallen on his back if he had n't come up against the coalhouse wall and , unfortunately , a shovel that was propped there .
24 But the money gets nicked , so the one who 's married , she goes and robs erm a store and then , they , the policeman pulls them over and wants to take them in so they lock him in his boot .
25 We decided to move the chairs out to make more room , but the acceptances kept coming in so we thought we 'd open the French windows and pray for a sunny day . ’
26 I loved him so much that I knew it would be all right .
27 Her father loved her so much that he gave her everything , and never scolded her .
28 John wrote these words : ‘ God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son , so that everyone who believes in him may not die but have eternal life . ’
29 You can love them so much that you eat them all up , then there is no more affair .
30 She had already known , half consciously , that she liked her grandmother better than she liked her mother , and loved her mother more fiercely than she loved her grandmother .
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