Example sentences of "[adv] [conj] [verb] [pron] the " in BNC.

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1 He adds : ‘ In the last year , most restaurants have brought their prices down or kept them the same as last year .
2 He knew better than to ask her the time ; she was edgy enough as it was .
3 She was infuriated by his arrogant assumption that he could simply demand answers , infuriated still more by her own desire to simply cave in and tell him the truth .
4 I was just as confused as that day she came in and told me the news .
5 ‘ If that does n't work we will then dig in and do it the long and hard way . ’
6 Somebody who lives nearby , came in and examined it the other day , and that 's all I know .
7 And they 'll have my old one in and give me the extra bread for it .
8 ‘ After the match , the chairman came in and showed me the other results and the league placings .
9 Reliability is much to , much more to do with replicability , it 's , it 's another if another researcher went in and did it the same way , would they get the same results ?
10 I also said that erm my I expressed that the fears that I expressed at this meeting last time about er the fact that Paul and I now supervise civilian staff , er which I 've never been sat down and told what the civilians term of contract are and what I can or can not say or whatever , so erm I feel it will be quite valuable , and brought it for me to see if anybody think it 's worthwhile pursuing .
11 ‘ Why do n't you just sit down and tell me the whole story from the beginning . ’
12 I was floating overhead — I was n't visible to the daleks and I thought I should come down and see what the Awful Warning was .
13 Then turning to Millie , whose expression almost broke her down and gave her the urge to take her by the hand and run from this place , only her good sense stopped her ; and bending down , she put her arms around the child and when she felt the tightness of the embrace and the pressure of the thin body against her belly , it was only with an effort she stopped the tears from flowing .
14 Erm , I came down and explained what the nature was , what you wanted to be done , you did n't really explain why and how important that our was , which I felt , that he said what he needing doing , he said what resources he had , and he said that , he did n't really set tasks erm , but he did ask them what they thought they should do you know .
15 Sit down and give me the time I need to explain everything to you ? ’
16 If a club comes along and offers us the right money for Simon , then so be it , but at the end of the day erm we 'd like Simon on our books .
17 She put her lips together and blew him the tiniest of kisses .
18 After saving up my hard-earned wages for the past four and a half years I managed to scrape the 1750 or so quid together and bought myself the most stunning quilted maple P.R.S. Custom you ever saw .
19 I thought it was Annie , and we 'd go home together and see Marie and they 'd both be proud of me and we could sit in front of the Christmas tree together and guess what the wrapped up presents were , and eat mince pies and all that .
20 Now you can , those are both the same sides so you 're gon na en add them together and give it the sign that is common to both .
21 In their previous league match two weeks ago , they had travelled to Leicester knowing that a win would all but give them the championship , but that day they slumped to a surprise 3–2 defeat .
22 But that meaning is not determinate enough to be able to adjudicate between rival translations , so as to make it the case that at most one is right ( though we may never be able to tell which ) .
23 But I did wonder , after a year or more , how it was that he and Mme G expected me to use the public baths rather than offer me the convenience of the bathroom in the pavillon .
24 ( a ) it enables them to demand standards of quality , and ranges of goods which fit into their market strategy , rather than accepting what the manufacturer might prefer ,
25 She had felt she 'd die rather than give him the satisfaction , but now she 'd have to be clever , for by implication she had denigrated his power and his commitment to protect her .
26 Rather than doing it the other way .
27 ‘ Oh , go away and get us the coffee , ’ said Milton .
28 Philip pushed him away and gave him the torch to hold while he did up his lace .
29 The prowl-car boys handed me downstairs and gave me the hands-flat-against-the-roof-of-the-car routine while they frisked me .
30 Going behind the doors that you 're not allowed to go through , go through and seeing what the Sainsbury is , has got behind the doors , the magical doors .
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